Songwriter turns singer – Happy Bains

For over 15 years Happy Bains has been writing Panjabi songs for the likes of Panjabi MC, Taz Stereonation, Jassi Sidhu, Shin DCS, Asif Khan, ADH, Amrinder Gill and Lembher Hussainpuri.
During the course of his career, Happy has penned a number of popular tracks including Panjabi MC’s ‘Dhol Jageeri Da’ and Stereo Nation’s ‘Hogaya Sharabi’ and ‘Boli Paa Mitra’. Happy also collaborated with renowned British Bhangra group The Sahotas on various albums as well as delivering the huge track ‘Dang Ditha’.
Having established himself as a songwriter in the Bhangra scene, Happy now prepares to showcase another talent. The track ‘Ik Peela’ marks the beginning of Happy’s singing career. As a singer-songwriter, Happy Bains plans on releasing his debut album later this year on Kamlee Records.