Manak- E- Aaja

Review- Manak- E- Aaja

Track 1- Aaja

Serious’ Records golden boy Jeeti is on production for the albums title track, and even though the tune has been receiving some criticism, for me its is both an explosive and fantastic opening. A full on bhangra banger on which Manak- E’s vocals perfectly compliment, and it’s a tune which sounds so good played at a nice volume on a decent system. As shown, it may not be to everybody’s taste but I feel its one of those rare tracks you can just let go to and let the vibe take you away!


Track 2- Duet 1 ft Sundesh Kumari

Track 2 continues where the explosive Aaja left off, with an extremely fast paced and speed fueled Duet. It will be a hit amongst those who can take this frantic BPM but for me I think Sangra Vibes are capable of better than this. Take a listen to Darsha Kuriyan De from ‘Unleashed’- a similar tune but I feel a much better production. You can’t fault Manak-E and Sundesh Kumari though as the vocals are up to scratch, I just feel the pace does not work to well after track 1.


Track 3-Yaariyaan ft Cheshire Cat

You would have thought that Manak- E releasing an album away from the Untouchables camp would mean him and that great team he always makes with RDB would be broken, but this is not the case as RDB step up for the first of a number of tracks from them on this album. Yaariyan is a much calmer paced tune than the last, and we are back to the big bouncing Bhangra beats that RDB always manage to bring. A top tune in the sense that like Aaja it’s extremely catchy and is guaranteed to get you dancing without exception. Cheshire Cat’s lyrics fit the tunes vibe and Manak- E delivers again on another top RDB production.


Track 4- Khorey

From the minute this track kicks off you know it’s Sangra Vibes on the beats with their trademark sound and it’s another track that works well from the young Leicester duo. The first time I flicked through this album this was for me a highlight tune. Sangra vibes always surround their tracks with an unmatchable vibe and colour that you don’t hear from other producers. Khorey is one of the albums best tunes and may not be as fast paced and big hitting as some, but it still very much holds it’s on. New album soon please boys!


Track 5- Lagiya

Kam makes an appearance with his trademark sound on a slightly different vibe to the rest of this album. Not a slow song, but then again not really a full on Bhangra blowout. The track feels light and has a pleasing sound in its on way on what is something a little different from his usual direction.


Track 6- Dhoka

The albums first real slower number comes from RDB. Manak- E’s vocals suite the track but for me it’s just too bland. Not being the biggest fan of slow songs this song does little to really excite me. Its different to what RDB normally do so credit to them for trying a new style of production but for me it doesn’t pay off as well as it possibly could of


Track 7- Karkoo

Another top track from the talented Sangra Vibes duo, again with their trademark sound coming through It works well to pick the pace of the album up after the slower Dhoka, and for me its one of the albums best tracks. Loving the slight Wild West feel, edge and twist this one! This is just another example highlighting how well Sangra Vibes and Manak- E work together as a good team.


Track 8- Mukh Teh Mukh

A much better example of RDB’s sound I feel than Dhoka, this track has that undeniable and rolling bhangra sound. It’s a much darker and deeper sound than some of the albums tracks, but it works well and it’s the kind of track that Manak- E really suites and does justice on lyrically.


Track 9- Ni Soniyeh

Trademark frantic Kam for track 9, Ni Soniyeh. Similar in composition and style to Laggiya, and for me this is disappointing because I don’t believe either of his two tracks really stands out compared to some of his other work that we’ve heard. I feel Kam could of done a lot better especially with a lyricist like Manak- E at hand.


Track 10- Dil

Another slower track this time from Jeeti. It’s decent enough, and if you’re in the right mood it probably deserves a play or two. From the basis of this album though, I feel Manak- E suites more up-tempo tracks more and they have a much greater impact. He has the talent to shine on this sort of material, but I feel it doesn’t especially stand out to some of the more pure Bhangra tunes we are used to hearing him on.


Track 11- Holi Holi

The Jassi Bros here have a very good tune on their hands, and it sends the album back in more of a true Bhangra vibe. Very catchy and one of those tracks that will definitely succeed in getting you up and dancing. I like its style and it works well on the whole. Maybe worth considering as one of the surprises of the album


Track 12- Punjab

This tune has me in two minds. It’s slower than the usual Bhangra banger but it still is trying to go along those lines in its style. I do feel though that we are starting to get into filler territory and that is no disrespect to this particular tune, but I feel when listening to the album as a whole a lot of these later tracks are starting to fail to keep my full attention. A good tune to listen to I feel on its own, but in respect to the whole album, for me it’s neither here nor there


Track 13- Duet 2 Ft Sundesh Kumari

Duet 2 differs greatly from the albums first, and Sangra Vibes’ forth track on this album is a return back to the full on Bhangra flavour we witnessed at the beginning of the release. A good solid track and a decent way to finish the album off



Overall, I think that this is a pretty solid release from Manak- E, and even though he has switched to Serious Records he has maintained his links with RDB and Sangra Vibes who I think work particularly well with him and his style of voice. There are a number of tunes on here which really live up to the hype and carry on from where Darr left off. However, I think on the whole, the album needed less tracks and many towards the second half of the album are here nor there. I think Manak- E has maintained the success surrounding him following his last two albums, but needs in the next release to push this even further.