‘Reincarnated’- Indy Sagu

‘Reincarnated’- Indy Sagu

2007 welcomes the ground breaking release of Reincarnated the album from Indy Sagu; this 9 track rollercoaster ride will blow your socks off.   

The very appropriate name signifies the re-birth of this artist on both a personal and professional level. The passed few years have been pivotal to this artist’s development and now, here he stands prepared to astound his audience with this more significant release.


The album presents 9 equally amazing and upbeat tracks; a sure-footed follow up to the Debut and Indystructable, it showcases production to a pristine level, the ability to fuse modern genres of music with the old and portrays popular forms of music in a way that is suited to today’s audience. The album itself an absolute masterpiece, not only encompasses the personal journey taken by this artist; it embraces his ability to display refinement of sound, vast taste, and communicates on a personal level.


One is pleasantly surprised by the refreshing lyrical content of the songs, each one so different yet equal to the one before. It sees the return of iconic lyricists such as Bhoota Pardesi, Surjit [Anakhi], Kumar [Heera]; for all of those who were crazy about bhangra back in the day will be aware that these voices dominated the music market in truly unique fashion.


The everlasting impression is one of ‘its so more-ish’; one cannot help but be overwhelmed by the sudden urgency to want to re-play the album allowing the listener to fully grasp the totality of it.


It is clear from the outset that Sagu has spent ample time experimenting and exploring different genres of music. The beats are heavy and if you enjoy the base line these tracks are a must have for your collection.


The production performed entirely by the man himself, his persistence to keep everything his own makes this album stand out from the rest. The simplicity of the vocal arrangements, and melodies work well, neither track feels as though it should not be there. If there is one album you should get let this be the one, you will not be disappointed!

‘Reincarnated’- Indy Sagu