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Quebec Soccer Federation reverses Turban ban

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) said in a statement it is temporarily authorizing the wearing of male head covers at all levels of Canadian soccer. It is effectively applying a 2012 ruling that allowed specially designed hijabs for women.

At a press conference in the federation's Laval, Que. headquarters, Quebec Ssoccer Fedration (QSF) executive-director Brigitte Frot said miscommunication forced the federation into a religious debate, when the federation's only concern was the safety of players.

Yesterday, the QSF said it welcomed "with enthusiasm and relief" word from the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) that Turbans may be worn as long as they pose no safety issues and are the same colour as team jerseys.
The Quebec organization had cited safety issues for its ban, along with the fact that the garments (Turbans) were not endorsed by FIFA.
"(FIFA) authorizes the CSA to permit all players to wear headcovers… in all areas and on all levels of the Canadian football community," FIFA said.
The statement outlines certain rules for allowing the male headwear on the pitch, specifying that it:
  • Must be the same colour as the jersey.
  • Must look professional.
  • Must not be attached to the jersey.
  • Must not pose any danger to any players.
FIFA's position came four days after the Canadian Soccer Association suspended the QSF  because the provincial body banned Sikh headwear.