Pictures From Village India & Experiance Gujarat (Friday)

Pictures From Village India & Experience Gujarat (Friday)

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Pictures From Village India & Experiance Gujarat (Friday)
Soak up the Village India atmosphere…smell the exotic aromas, eat some delicious food, enjoy the sights and sounds.

The De Montfort gardens will be transformed into a great place to relax, and enjoy a colourful festival environment. Village India is based around a traditional Indian village complete with huts, props and artisans in traditional costume. There will be loads of Delicious Food, Arts and Crafts, Chai tents, Chillout Zones and 42 music and dance concerts across 2 stages throughout the weekend!!

The line up for Village India has something for everyone throughout the day:- Excellent folk and Indian classical music, the best in Classical and Indo Jazz Fusion, Indian Electronica, Hottest DJs from the scene and BBC Radio 1 / BBC Asian Network, Bollywood, the best in Bhangra and much more!

The Village Stage will also feature exciting Traditional and Contemporary Indian dance, including vibrant folk dances from Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Assam, Punjab and Gujarat. This will make a fantastic, entertaining and educational day out for the whole family.

Confirmed Acts for Friday

Panjabi MC

Are you ready to dance your socks off? The immensely popular collaborator and mixer is ready to rock DMH.

PMC’s music is well known to Asian youth culture but has also bridged the divide into western mainstream consciousness with the classic track Knight Rider; a remix of the theme tune of the TV series. PMC took traditional Panjabi music and merged it with hip hop and R&B records. A new sound for Bhangra was born and the PMC brand had began to spread to countries all around the world.

A Classic DJ Bhangra set in a great festival setting.

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Jazzy B

One of the most important names in Punjabi music is here with his band at Village India in a set that will stir the emotions of all who love the genre. He has worldwide appeal as he often tours Canada, England, India, the United States, and many other parts of the world where there is a large Desi population. His blend of Bhangra and Rap hits the mark for a young contemporary audience. The Crown Prince of Punjab!!!

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Bandish Projekt

Indian contemporary electronica! It sounds wild it is wild! Anyone of any background or culture who likes cutting edge dance music will love this.

‘Bandish Projekt make the music of a 23rd century India, via ancient classical voices and nights at the heart of Electronica. Hearing BP can send you from euphoria to tears in the space of a heartbeat.’ – Bobby Friction – BBC Radio 1.

Performing live is where Bandish Projekt is at its element. With the use of a bevy of instruments ranging from mixers, turntables, keyboards laptops to instruments like tabla, djembe, duff – using sound loops, scratches, samples, live music & vocals. Come enjoy new-age sound the Bandish way!

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Aishwarya Majumdar

Is well known to the whole of India and the international Asian community. She rocketed to stardom in the Indian version of Britain’s got talent on the ‘Star Voice of India 2008 -Chote Ustaad’ competition which she won. Aishwarya, who was just 14 at the time was thrilled to be crowned by Amitabh Bachchan and loved it when the superstar referred to her as “my bahu” (daughter-in-law). The programme was watched by millions of people all over the world and has made her a household name.

In the Village India sessions Aishwarya Majmudar will sing a range of popular songs filled with vibrancy, emotion and energy from the Bollywood film industry.

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Bollywood Brass Band

Bollywood meets brass meets Bhangra

The Bollywood Brass Band are the UK’s first Indian wedding brass band, playing hits from Indian films, Bhangra and other South Asian styles.

The band arose as a collaboration with the Shyam Brass Band from Jabalpur, India. A key ingredient is dhol drummers, playing rhythms from the Punjab. The Bollywood BB style is a London masala of film melodies and Bhangra beats, with flavours from jazz and world music.

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Desi Masti

Desi Masti featuring Bollywood Dancers led by Anand Bhatt. Desi Masti offer a fresh angle on contemporary, traditional and bollywood dance. With the huge popularity of the Indian film industry it was inevitable that we would program some into the festival and who better to bring that vibrant Bollywood style to the Village than Desi Masti.

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Dhanyadhara: Folk Dances of India

Dhanyadhara from Baroda, India featuring twelve Folk Dancers. These performances will be full of life and colour and will add a really authentic edge to the Village.

Dhanyadhara Dance Troupe will cover a wide range of traditional dances from across many different Indian regions and will give a genuine insight into the lifeblood of folk movement. The dances will include:-

• Gujarat – Meyer, Tippani, Diva and Supada
• Maharashtra – Lavni
• Assam – Bihu Dance
• Rajasthan – Kalbelia, Ghoomar and Terah Talli
• Punjab – Boliyan and Giddha

Shaan Mutiyara Di:

Shaan Mutiyara Di – are a traditional female folk dance group. Young, Fresh, Original and Energetic! Promoting Punjabi virsa through their passion for bhangra and gidha!