Pictures From The Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week - Sara Lage

Pictures from Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week – AGATHA RUIZ DE LA PRADA

In keeping with aesthetics proper to the universe of the comic, the designer remains true to her principles and firmly commits to recycling. In addition to choosing ecological fabrics to manufacture her garments, including cotton in all its versions, which combined with vinyl allows her to play at contrasting weights, brilliances and textures, this season she encourages women to recycle their own wardrobes.


Why not re-use a garment from another season?



Asymmetrical models, draped designs, long tunics and extremely short garments dress the superheroine woman in this coloured recycling world in which a very comfortable wardrobe neither oppresses nor restricts. Flowers, spots, graduated colours and hand-painted effects adorn the bi/tricolour garments on which, on this occasion, there are few icons.


Thus, behind the lenses of supercomic glasses, the models turn into seasonless heroines emerging from the paper and rounding off their total look with fun coloured plastic accessories and metallised cork wedged shoes combined with patent leather and grosgrain ribbons.


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