Nachde Punjabi by Dalvinder Singh in “AJAB GAZABB LOVE”

Nachde Punjabi by Dalvinder Singh in “AJAB GAZABB LOVE”

Talented Dalvinder gets the call and is now with his foot through the door of Bollywood!

The Bollywood marketing company who were completing the Ek Tha Tiger Campaign, contacted Dalvinder to acquire his single Nachde Punjabi (presented by Movie Box and produced by the renowned Tarli Digital) to feature on the trailer for new high-energy romcom “AJAB GAZABB LOVE”, the film is now being shown internationally.


Nachde Punjabi was produced a couple of years ago and featured on Tarli Digitals album The Dub Conspiracy. It was for the fact a couple of years have gone past, artist Dalvinder was surprised to be in negotiations through Movie Box for the licensing of the single for a Bollywood film trailer. To his even greater surprise and pleasure, the production company further requested the single to then be used on the film sound track itself.

Dalvinder Singh quotes, “the discussion was really only for the trailer but a week after we confirmed it to feature on the trailer, the production company came back and asked to have Nachde Punjabi on the sound track for the film as well!”

The powerful Bhangra singer shows great appreciation to both the Bhangra and Bollywood industries for their support for his music, he also thanks his fans for their fantastic support and following.

Music and much more…

It is rumoured that Dalvinder’s next single will be released imminently, with a diverse array of popular producers out there, we eagerly await to hear who he is working with, keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment.