Ministry of Dhol Debut Single: “Khushiya Dha Dhol”


Check out Ministry of Dhol’s new debut single khushiya Dha Dhol. It is currently in the worlds top 20 iTunes charts. This track will definitely get the party started! Ministry of dhol have brought something new and fresh to the music industry. They have been on the scene for many years and after much deliberation and thought. They have released this outstanding composed dance floor banger. Manjit Sohi is the man behind, the amazing vocals for “Khushiya Dha Dhol”.

Background information about MOD: 

The Ministry of Dhol are a percussive force with no equal. Who strive on making sure they enforce their traditional Bhangra roots. At the heart of Ministry of Dhol is the founder “Prithpal Rajput” also known as the ‘Funky Dholi’. Prithpal Rajput is a highly skilled, multi percussionist and a charismatic live performer. He started drumming at an extremely young age and is acknowledged as a veteran dhol player in the UK.

Prithpal and the MOD team have performed at many prestigious events and venues all over the world. They have also collaborated with respected and highly acclaimed musicians/bands both on national and international stages.

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Aside from the success of the MOD, Prithpal also runs a on-site Workshop throughout the UK, the Ministry of Dhol hold 3 Permanent Weekly classes in Slough, Cranford and Reading. Each class have students from all levels of the MOD syllabus and of varied ages. The teaching structure is based upon a one to one format, with emphasis on the spoken composition of dhol beats (Bol). Further emphasis is then placed on technique and clarity of dhol playing. As an assurance, Prithpal is present and teaching at every class, however when he is not there the designated Team-Leaders supervise and run the class.


This video will definitely takes you on a journey, back to the roots of MOD’s mentor Prithpal Rajput. It also shows the commitment and hard work, the MOD students put into making Ministry of Dhol a successful Dhol group. Their famous slogan is “Its not what you play, its how you play it”. This slogan is fully embraced throughout the video and clearly shows the viewers what MOD really stands for. 

Please support good music and download / purchase this track legally through Spotify and iTunes.

Ministry of Dhol- Khushiya Dha Dhol feat Manjit Sohi:

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