Midland Langar Seva Society launches Team Punjab

On the 15th of Feb 2017 Midland Langar Seva Society (MLSS) launched its first regular meal service in Nur Mahal Punjab India. Team MLSS Punjab has formed after a couple of volunteers from UK identified a need for regular food service for the needy.

MLSS which was formed in the Midlands UK  over 3 years by Randhir Heer and Parmjit Singh who initially operated using donations left by sangat at Walsall Guru Nanak Sikh Temple and volunteers would cook the food and take out to the streets of surrounding towns and serve to the homeless. MLSS has seen a rising demand for their services and set up numerous teams across the UK including Birmingham,Coventry,Wolverhampton and recently Blackpool. last year Team Delhi was also set up and is doing regular feeds in the Indian capital.Their main mission was to carry on what GURU NANAK DEV JI started with 20 rupees to provide help/hunger relief by serving LANGAR to those that really need it.

Team Punjab which was formed after Mr Resham Singh who is from the UK and who fell victim to a scam, lost all his life savings and was going through a severe depression. Resham met Randhir at a MLSS feed in Birmingham. Randhir Singh and some of the volunteers tried to help and turn around Resham’s life and last month Resham ended up in India wanting to start a new life for himself.He decided he wanted to do seva and start a regular feed in Nur Mahal Punjab and liasoned with MlSS and team Punjab was set up. Mr Baldev Aujla seen in the blue turban in the picture above was also on holiday in India from the UK and has helped get volunteers and quickly they have managed to accumulate lots of food which they served at the first feed yesterday

If you are in Punjab near Nur Mahal and would like to volunteer or make food donations please get in touch with MLSS  and together we can help you make a difference. Team Punjab can be contacted on 98143 88961 Tirath Singh.