LOCKDOWN FRENZY (feat. Kaka Bhainiawala) | DJ FRENZY | Latest Punjabi Song Mix 4K Video 2020

#LockdownFrenzy – OUT NOW

In 2016, DJ Frenzy discovered a hidden gem and was blown away by what he had stumbled upon – an unreleased vocal by the legend, Kaka Bhainiawala. As a tribute to the singer, Frenzy has added his touch to bring the classic vocal back to the forefront.

Having been one of the headline Punjabi folk vocalists from the 2000s era, the late Kaka Bhainiawala is a name that is synonymous with hardcore Punjabi music fans across the globe. To this day, his anthems are played at almost every Punjabi function and many a singer attempts to match his pitch & style of delivery.

“Kaka’s vocals are amongst some of the elite – one of my favourite vocalists ever. I really wanted to do justice to him & his voice with this mix, so we went the extra mile with getting a brand new, full music video shot last year. The vocal is reminiscent of that 2000s era in terms of flow and lyrical content, but in line with that, we wanted to show a stronger side to how the female characters are portrayed in the video. I experimented with the style of the beat/drop on this one, but still tried to give it that ‘Frenzy’ edge.”

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Title: Lockdown Frenzy
Mix: DJ Frenzy
Singer: Kaka Bhainiawala
Lyricist: Binder Thiglewala & Indy U-Music
Composition: Indy U-Music
Master: The Culprit
Special Thanks: Ravi Sandhu, Karan Kapoor

Starring: Jazzmin Letitia & Nisaro Karim
Director / DOP: Gurjant Singh Films
Editor / VFX: Post Guru
Gaffer: Andy Hurst
MUA: Sandy Sunner
Wardrobe: Pamm Kaur (for Jazzmin Letitia)
Bhangra Teams: Dance Bhangra & Vakhri Tohr
Dhol Team: Beats by Lions
Extras: Imran Uddin, Lalit Bhusal, Zohair Raza, Alex Rebolo
Special Thanks: Taj Johal UVD, Surj Johal UVD, RD, Rick Bhandal, Paul Marwaha, Sunny Dhesi, Gurps Sandhu, Jeevan Kapoor, Rav Bhandal, Ravi Raju, Jatty Bassi, Dal Mahal, Amar Barn, Jaz Kandola, The Bharat Army, The Lampworks Studio.


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