Kulvinder Singh Johal Exclusive Medley

Kulvinder Johal

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The best is yet to come, Kulvinders full vocal versatility hasn't yet been shown in the projects he's been involved with. Johal is capable of singing any type of song in any style. His favourites are ballad's and songs with deep meaningful lyrics. Johal hopes to show more of this side in up-coming projects.
It has been widely noted that his voice has a remarkable vocal resemblance to the legend that is Kuldip Manak. Some would go as far as to say that Johal is one of the most powerful bhangra vocalists today. Johal loves to sing in mehfils and when with friends.
Recently Kulvinder was featured in the latest addition to the immortal production series, "Shaheedi 400" and "Panj".
It is the support from all his friends, especially "Tru-Skool" that keeps him motivated to improve and perfect. From the recent recordings, Mooho Boldhi from the album Word Is Born has been his personal favourite.
In the near future we will see a solo album with the music provided by Tru-Skool. A live set-up shouldn't be ruled out.