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Kamal Raja

Kamal Raja’s first debut single “No Clue”

Kamal Raja

Together with Kamal’s smooth vocals, featuring Moroccan rapper Salah Edin, completes the track with his Arabic flow. Salah Edin is known for numerous hit tracks and featured songs with artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, Outlandish, Sefyu and Bishop Lamont.
Kamal Raja is the new talent that will further enhance the reputation of the R&B/Pop/Desi music throughout the whole world as musically aspiring, forward-looking and ambitious towards his own unique style; one that can successfully add another level to this fast growing scene!

Kamal Raja

Kamal Raja known from recent work released in 2010 such as Teri Chaal (ft. Jasz Gill) is going solo with his first debut single “No Clue” which will be released worldwide at 8th of April once (including United Kingdom). Together with the creative company Light-Creation, this upcoming talent will be destined to produce something special.

Kamal Raja

Promotional video and track will be released together with a breathtaking musicvideo (directed and shot by Light-Creation) by publisher Bollywood-Zone.

"No Clue" is set for release, 8th April 2011.
Cd Sale starts on 14th April 2011.

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