JAS DHINGRA the artist formerly known as LL COOL SINGH

Jas Dhingra Video Trailer


Jas Dhingra, better known as LL COOL SINGH, is back with his next album "Mixaholic" his latest masterpiece album on 4Play Recordings.
The new album has been created with sounds that have been picked up and experimented on the dance floor throughout Jas Dhingra’s musical career.  Each tune has been inspired by a different genre of music, retaining the essence of traditional Bhangra through the vocals, instruments or scripts. Vocal talent includes the highly rated singer Mukki G, (other singers) and vocalist Sonia Panesar who has recently risen to fame featuring on the Swami album.  Alongside the vocalists we have the Mixaholics themselves, dhol players and MCs who have aided Jas Dhingra along his career