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It's The Way - Serese

It’s The Way – Serese

These girls have learned their craft the hard way, from performing at every venue in London possible. From Bars, clubs and pubs to amazing acoustic venues. 1000 strong audiences at venues such as the Birmingham NEC, to more intimate crowds of 20 at acoustic venues such as The Bedford.



Whatever the place, its always the same performance energy, and their self composed acapella’s are something the girl’s are becoming renowned for.



What makes these girls’s special is that they can write and perform the big production songs, catchy club numbers, as well as breaking it down to just live vocals and Acoustic guitar.



Hard work, sheer determination, and with the eye of the tiger, the girl’s strive to bring back the old school vibe of girl bands, lots of performance sass, and solid vocal harmonies!



They practically live in each others pockets, doing everything they possibly can to get themselves recognised. They are best friends, band mates, and ultimately family, which makes they’re bond unbreakable, and this is the sole reason behind the tightness of the group.



Serese have overcome many hurdles in their careers so far, but have kept strong, and continued to write and perform in the hopes that they’d be spotted. In 2007, Serese put out their EP, after continued demand from their fan’s of purchasing the girl’s music.

This EP summed up the girl’s sound perfectly, 4 acoustic based songs, all self composed as well as an acapella.


Although the EP captured the Serese sound, labels were concerned that the singles that would launch their careers were still missing. So, without sacrificing their sound, they did it their way and worked with some amazing producers to deliver some up tempo, big production based songs


They hope 2008 will be their year. Serese is the name to remember.


3 little women, on a mission.


Check out the sample for It's The Way (Rishi Rich Remix)

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