Ministry of Sound


H ‘two’ 0 hail from middle England and consists of 2 producers and 3 vocalists. ‘What’s It Gonna Be’ is finally ready to hit
the overground after slowly bubbling on the streets for the last 12 months.
With bass heavy organs, a hooky as hell topline and a funky melody is it any wonder that this is getting huge support from DJ Q, Cameo,
Mistajam on BBC’s 1Xtra and causing dancefloor devastion with kings of bassline Jamie Duggan and Sean Banger Scott.
Whether you call it Niche, Bassline or Speed Garage, whether you’re from the north, South or Midlands this is one tune you can’t ignore.
Remixes come in all shapes and sounds as we continue with the bassline trend with mixes from two of the scenes most in demand DJs and
producers Jamie Duggan & DJ Q.
The house mixes come courtesy of Jason Herd, Thomas Gold and Vandalism. For those funky house lovers, Jason Herd’s J-Funk remix is a
piano & string led stormer! If you like things a bit more twisted then the Thomas Gold and Vandalism mixes are the ones for you.
Whats It Gonna be? A Major hit release for Feb 08! Thats whats it gonna be!