Exclusve interview with Bollywood Actor Imran Khan on his new film

Exclusve interview with Bollywood Actor Imran Khan on his new film “Luck”

1. Tell us a little bit about the film Luck?
Well Luck is a concept film as well as a action thriller.

It’s about gambling with your life. I’m part of a high stake gambling ring, if you succeed, you win  money & you go to the next level, failing means you lose your life.  The film an up beat movie and moves away from the usual Hindi films


2. This is the 2nd film you’ve done with Sanjay Dutt, what do you think of his role in Luck?

In Luck Sanjay Dutt plays, the mastermind or you can say Big Don of the gambling ring. In the opening scene the stage is set as you will see Sanjay Dutt jump from a moving train, blindfolded, and his hands  are tied behind his back – that's a totally crazy opening and you can judge for yourself what his role is- my thoughts on his role – simply igneous and it fits his on screen persona like a glove.

Exclusve interview with Bollywood Actor Imran Khan on his new film

3. Your first film Jaane To Ya Jaane Na won you the Screen Award for Best Male Debut, How did you feel about getting the award?

I never won that award, and I never attended the Screen awards either that year. Maybe if I attended I might have won… ..


4. What did you think of the song Pappu Can’t Dance when you first heard it, did you ever think the song would become so popular?
The song was actually a last minute replacement in the film for another track called Talli. About 3 weeks before we were to start shooting Abbas Tyrewala who directed the movie & also wrote the  script for the movie, turned around & said “I have changed the song around” The funny thing was I actually never liked the track the first time around & it took me a while to get used to it, maybe 8/9 times before it started to grown on me.

5. You made 2 films as a Child actor, both times playing your Uncle Aamir Khan as a child, but you’ve still to star with him as an adult, why is that?

Aamir & I would love to star together again in a film, but at the moment, there are no decent projects being offered, so until there is one that we’re both happy with, I guess we will not be seen together on screen.

6. What do you look for when you get offered a script / film role?
Oh that’s a simple one to answer. When I read a script, I would always think is this the kind of film I would go watch – would i pay money to see it? If the answer is Yes then I proceed with the film.

Exclusve interview with Bollywood Actor Imran Khan on his new film

7. Who would you most like to work with on future projects?
Well I think the new actors of today are really lucky, because we all get on & also there is plenty of good talent out there to work with. I would really love to work with Kareena Kapoor because she is one talented actress who I admire , then of course there is  Sonam Kapoor & also Ranbir Kapoor. Ranbir & I hosted the 2009 Film fare  awards together and there is a lot of talk in casting us together – if it happens it would be a blast as we are good friends any way.
8. Is there any film you would love to star in a remake of?
I don’t like remakes, if it’s a classic, it’s a CLASSIC. Leave it alone!
9. What about if it was a remake from another language on the lines of what AamirKhan & Asin  did in Ghajini (Tamil to Hindi)
Good question, well if it’s from another language, I might, but again I would have to think is this a film I would go watch myself? If I think it is then that is a major part of me saying yes to the script.
10. What do you do to chill out, Have you got any hobbies?
Hobbies are for the people who have the time for them. I’ve been working 3 years nonstop now & it can become quite tiring. In between shooting films, I’m doing promotional tours to promote the films that I have just completed, like what I’m doing now.
But I always try & go to the Cinemas to watch movies. I love watching films, if I get the time I try & watch 2/3 movies in 1 go. For example I was in London about a month ago for a magazine photo shoot, as soon as it was over I  went straight to the cinemas & watched Star Trek, which I swear is a straight up Hindi movie, without the music
11. What kind of music & films do you actually like as Imran Khan the person, not the actor?
I'm really into all sorts but prefer action thrillers.
12. So what’s next for you?
Well there’s Delhi Belly which is likely to be out next year so I will be planning the  promotional work around that then I have signed a  romantic comedy, which is being directed by Puneet Chahal & then there is the Karan Johar produced movie which I start shooting soon..
“Luck” release on cinemas world wide 24th July 2009   
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