Celebrating Pakistan's Heroes with Azme Alishan's Azm Awards

Celebrating Pakistan’s Heroes with Azme Alishan’s Azm Awards

The Azm Awards, organised by social movement Azme Alishan, is being held to honour Pakistanis around the world whose everyday work helps show a truer picture of a people and country’s spirit and potential.

This year two British Pakistanis have been short-listed for their contribution and the Pakistani values they exemplify and promote in the UK. They are, Jehangir Malik OBE, Islamic Relief’s UK Director and Qurban Ali who set up the ‘Qurban & Surraya Educational Trust’, which provides education for underprivileged girls.

Taher Kahn, Founder, Azme Alishan said: “Jehangir and Qurban made the awards shortlist as they and their work are the embodiment of Azme Alishan’s ideals. Both men prove that wherever you are, great change begins with a first step, an apparently small act that can enable great positive change around the world. We are enormously proud of both men’s work as British Pakistanis and the Pakistani ideals they promote within Britain and around the world.”

Azme Alishan launched in 2010 and has become the fastest growing social movement working to change the world’s perception of Pakistan. Highlights of their work include a national flood relief appeal, a citywide environmental and clean up drive, a tour around the UK discussing the real Pakistan, national debates and song competitions with nearly a million people touched by the campaign in just over a year.

A shortlist of 20 Pakistanis has now been selected for the Azm Awards and includes a prominent Pakistani blogger, the Pakistani women’s cricket team, a survivor of terrorism who now works to help victims around the world and a woman who turned discarded plastic bags in Karachi into bricks to build houses for the poor. 

Nominee Jehangir Malik OBE says: “We should share with British Pakistanis that they shouldn’t feel despair, it’s our duty to teach the world that there’s so much that Pakistan has to offer. British Pakistanis must have hope and conviction that they help make a better Pakistan. Don’t focus on obstacles.”

The awards ceremony will be broadcast globally on March 23rd, the anniversary of the foundation of Pakistan.
Check the website for details on what channel(s) the Azm Awards will air on.

For more information and a full list of nominees, visit www.azmealishan.com. For the latest news and to support your favourite nominee join Azme Alishan on facebook.