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Bally Gill

Bally Gill releases Akhiyan by Simon Singh & Jee Karda by Sklass

Bally Gill Releases Debut Singles
Bally Gill

The talented musician from Wolverhampton has just released 2 singles from his exciting debut album, a move which will thrill both the Bhangra fans and industry pundits. 

Akhiyan by Simon Singh  

Bally Gill has just released his 2 debut singles, Akhiyan by Simon Singh and Jee Karda by Sklass.Bally started his huge stage career some 15 years ago, which has seen him provide the sounds and music for the likes of legends A.S Kang, Lember Hussainpuri, Sukshinda Shinda, Jassi Sidhu, Silinder Pardesi, Surinder Shinda and Nirmal Sidhu; he now works full time with Malkit Singh. He received some training from the maestro Haridev Lal Chand (Punjab) and was soon was recognised as a talented keyboard player. 


Jee Karda by Sklass.


 A sought after musician, Bally has decided to push forward some home grown Punjabi talent with the release of these 2 singles, with the album out later this year. The singles have been produced and directed by Bally, where he is projecting a new local talent, Simon Singh, as well as developing recent newcomer Sklass.    The singles are out on iTunes, and fans are encouraged to visit Bally’s website