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BackToSikhi – Satnam Singh

My awakening: I followed life like the rest of the world. Fashion and media trends of life, fitted in with the latest trend but was always desi. Went gurudwara everyday no matter what. Always wanted to start my day with guru ji’s blessings. Leaving my house straight to guru maharaj’s charn. Then carrying with my daily rat race life.
But in my heart something was missing always. I use to question myself that I go gurudwara yet I don’t follow guru ji’s path. Even in the morning I use to wake up shower and shave. Yet I looked in the mirror thinking I’m going to do paht yet I’m shaving my beard daily. Cutting my hair once a week to keep up with the latest trend.

I always had excuses not to keep my kesh. Then one day I woke up took my earrings out. Threw away all my shavers and so on. This was the day I kept my kesh. At worst I felt weird but I’d stand out and look different. But it didn’t stop me. At first when people asked me why I kept my kesh I’d answer them that I’m a Sikh that’s why and so on. Now my answer is iv kept my hair and beard and you’ve chosen to cut it. That’s the only difference. As we are all born the same yet we Change with the scissor. I never looked back since.

I started up Mr Singh clothing something for the future youth to be proud to be a singh and kaur. Apart from that I learn daily about life and thank vaheguru for everything. The choice is each humans to follow the path or not. But I don’t judge anyone I see God in all. And spread the message of god to love and respect mankind. I’m a learner myself on the path of sikhi. Staying Humble is the key of life. 🙏🏼