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Asian Woman Magazine & The Only Way is Essex

Asian Woman Magazine Fashion Issue


The Only way Is Desi

Fashion is about being daring; it’s about subverting expectations and creating something new. So what better way to mark The Fashion Issue than getting three so-very-now women into a completely new fashion style? Sam, Jess and Lucy from The Only Way is Essex go Desi in Asian Woman’s new covershoot. Enlisted for our essential guide to turning heads, the TOWIE girls were delighted to try the latest in Asian fashion while sharing their insights into beauty, fashion and love as well as revealing their most loathed fashion faux pas.

The #1 fashion grievance during this rainy season seems to be a lack of a stylish winter wardrobe, which is why Asian Woman’s Fashion Issue is packed full of ideas that will keep you looking andfeeling hot. From 10 of this season’s most stylish coats to 10 pairs of wintersafe shoes, we’ve got it covered. Our Style File looks at five of our favourite fashionistas while the in-depth Catwalk Report details all the trends that must be worn. The immaculately dressed Twilight Players share their secrets to buying vintage while our guide to sales shopping shows how to bag a bargain without going off the rails.

Keeping to the theme of looking fantastic, The Fashion Issue includes a 32-page beauty supplement from AsiaGlam, packed full of this season’s must-trys and must-buys. Our health section includes 5-minute workouts for the super-busy superwoman and looks at the fitness trends that are packing a punch.

We also explore the darker side to fashion. One writer examines the fashion industry’s effect on self-image while another asks if our generation of women has become obsessed with looks. The emphasis on appearance is lamented by our male columnist who insists that men should never wear makeup.

On the subject of the darker sex, we look at why men marry bitches while one columnist asks: Should you settle for someone you don’t love? All this in addition to the latest news and reviews from the world of film, music, arts and culture as well as highlights from the trendiest parties in town. Yes, we’ve gone a bit fashion crazy but it’s a New Year – if not now, then when?



Since hitting shelves this week, the magazine has had extensive nationwide coverage including The Mirror, The Metro, Daily Mail, The Sun, OK! and a full page in the Daily Star newspaper, following the reaction to the cover from members of both the Asian and non-Asian community.

While the consensus has been highly positive, it has certainly sparked a debate with people seeming to have a certain discomfort about fusing cultures in this way. Comments on Facebook from the Asian community have labelled the TOWIE girls as ‘trashy glam hoes’ and seemed outraged that the cover is ‘not Asian at all… it’s being fake tanned brown asian’.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, user @MarkKnott24 tweeted one of the stars, stating: “[i] officially feel sick y would u do that ?????” and @L8Nites said: “well I just couldn’t imagine the Asian community being appreciative of what #towie brings to the table” most recently @Lucie_Jade_xx tweeted one of the stars saying”disgusting! How can you be proud to be in Asian Woman?They are vile creatures…”.

J Wimal, Editor-in-Chief tweeted: “Rather impressed by the huge and mixed response to the new @AsianWomanMag cover and the impassioned debate that it’s sparked. On the one hand a lot of people are appreciating our mission to bring the beauty and appeal of Asian fashion and culture to a wider audience. On the other hand it’s also unveiling a mass of ignorant opinions that are at best irrelevant, at worst horrifically prejudiced.”

Grab your copy of The Fashion Issue today.