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Asgar’s Wedding Hair Tips For Spring 2014

Asgar’s Wedding Hair Tips For Spring 2014


Asgar Saboo's

Asgar’s 2014 Hair Trends


Classic up-do


Classic up-dos can range from a chique chignon to an elegant ballerina bun. Asgar recommends these up-dos in particular as they are both incredibly simple to create and perfect to accompany any dress neckline. Whilst the chignon is more whimsical and quirky, the ballerina bun exhibits class and poise. A great tip, if you wish to choose the ballerina bun, is to place it as high on the crown of your head as possible, as this provides additional grandeur to your look – after all, you are the bride!


Boho down-do


Your wedding does not have to be on a beach in Mexico for you to be able to pull off the boho-look. Loose, effortless waves or waterfall twists can look beautiful whatever the style of your wedding. If you would rather not have all of your hair down, you can strategically place pins in your hair to hold the top layer up, creating a half-up, half-down look. Not only does this ensure your hair stays out of your face for the day, but the additional layer makes for an enchanting hair style.




If you opt not to wear a wedding veil, but would still like a little something extra in your hair, there are countless, beautiful accessories and hair pieces which can be worn. These include, embroidered and net head wraps, feathered clips for a vintage feel, a traditional and demure birdcage, a large statement flower, a floral headband or the ever popular tiara. The options are endless and most are suitable to wear with hair both up and down.


Asgar's Wedding Hair Tips For Spring 2014


Short & Sophisticated


For brides with cropped, pixie-style hair, Asgar recommends doing very little; this is because cropped dos are a statement style in themselves and so need very little else as they look bold enough on their own. However, if you want to add a little something, Asgar suggests a simple accessory, such as the floral headband.


Root Lift


Finally, nothing says grandiose and glamour quite like high hair! Asgar recommends a root lift for those women who opt for simpler, flowing wedding gowns as opposed to meringue dresses. The root lift balances out the fluidity of the gown and can look sophisticated and stylish. This style can be easily achieved using a root-lifting product and massaging into the roots of wet hair, followed by blow drying hair in the correct technique (upwards and away from the root). For fine, limp hair, Asgar recommends some light backcombing, being careful not to be too harsh on the hair

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