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Akshay Kumar Single Handedly Takes Airlift On A Journey.

airlift poster

AIRLIFT is a pulsating drama thriller film that depicts the true events that occurred during the war between Iraq and Kuwait. Not only does the film show the dramatic incidents of Iraqis and Kuwaitis, but also this battle stranded the 1,70,000 Indians living in Kuwait. Indians were not given the support from Indian government initially until a businessman decided to forget his own wealth and make these Indian civilians his priority.

The film unravels during a war and a takeover by Iraq, leaving unrest amongst the civilians and also the audiences watching the film. Director Raja Krishna Menon has created a film that not only portrays an emotional journey, but a thrilling film that keeps you wanting to watch further. Majority of what was showcased in the movie was fitting; it has the inclusions of good scenes in keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats by watching this likeable film.  This is complimented well with some fine performances that make the film more believable.

Script is strong leaving little room for disappointments, as there were minor talking points that lead you to suggest that needed to be written better. So many positives can be taken from this dramatic film. It was well written by the team from which it was directed perfectly in ensuring a realistic effort was portrayed in the year this film was set up within. The cast performed exceptionally good especially Akshay Kumar who nails his role in trying to save others even though many point fingers at him for giving too much hope. He has the on screen persona of a dominant figure taking leadership, in Airlift he does that and even at times when he falls and fails, he never gave up and that made his character standout. Nimrat Kaur, who plays the wife, starts of being the nagging wife and portrays an upper class wealthy image, but later becomes heavily involved with Akshay and his efforts. This brings a change to her character, it may not be implied through the film but as a spectator you begin to appreciate her more from here on.

The music included in the film has elements of Arabic culture; dance party song, Panjabi celebration, Patriotic theme and a slow romantic song. A combination of emotions through songs that are decent in making the soundtrack a good listen. As for the music being played within the movie, the songs do not take over too much screen space and that is a positive thinking by director, allowing more drama to unfold through action.

Overall, we highly recommend you to watch Airlift. If you do not know much about the true story events that unfolded, then this film will teach you more than enough and make you value the efforts of the businessman and Air India as they carried out one of the biggest evacuation mission. The film is engaging and keeps you focused from the beginning to the end, a little bit stretched with runtime but it will not distract your concentration from what you are about to witness. Acting performances will be one to cherish and applaud as Akshay Kumar single handedly takes Airlift on a journey.