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Aiyyaa – film review

Aiyyaa, directed by Sachin Kundalkar, stars the Bollywood actress Rani Mukerjee alongside with the actor from Malayalam and Tamil film industry Prithviraj.
Meenakshi (Rani Mukerjee) has dreams that she has always wanted to achieve and those dreams are on the verge of remaining unfulfilled. Her family is eager for her to get married off to a rich and handsome groom, but this is something she is not happy to get involved in to. She works in a college where she falls in love with Surya (Prithviraj) who looks like a mess. Meenakshi sniffs her way in to the life of Surya in which they get married with each other at the end eventually after many setbacks she has to face. Sachin Kundalkar has tried to converge the Marathi and Hindi style together in which it just never seemed to impress either way.
The screenplay had so much potential to transform such concept in to a much more engaging storyline based around a painter from a lovers perspective. We get glimpses of the painter’s perspective through flashbacks based on his lover, which was a good way to reveal the story. But this phase had a spark, which could have been worked on, but sadly it did not happen. Both the characters get married off together to end the film.
Aiyyaa failed to impress despite a better second half of the movie. Rani Mukerjee’s acting was not great but it was not bad either. Basically it was average, there were glimpses of her typical Bollywood great performances, but then again they were overshadowed with some of her acting from which she over-acts at times. Prithviraj had a quieter role, more of a presence rather than verbal action until the climax where he has more to do on screen.
Aiyyaa is a one off film to watch. In fact, it was a struggle to watch through the whole film for the very first time. Sadly, Aiyyaa was boring and did not attract at all. Like mention in the review, Prithviraj’s painter role was somewhat inspiring and could have been used much more. But Aiyyaa would have been ranked really low if it weren’t for the last quarter of the film. It had more action and attention grabbing moments than the other three quarter of the film did all together.
Aiyyaa film rating is 2/5