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ABHISHEK: (On reaction to his new film SARKAR RAJ) We've been to innumerable amounts of press conferences and everybody has promoted their film and sometimes it becomes a challenge to come up with a new way of describing something. I have to share with you what was the most unbelievable experience last night, when we finished the screening of the film after the premiere when we walked into the press conference, it was the first time since I've ever been to a press conference and I've been to many including my Father's that the media actually clapped when we walked in… I couldn't believe that- that's never happened to me before!
On working together with his wife ABHISHEK: "The interesting thing is although you're professionals in front of the camera, once the camera rolls you're your character, and you have to forget interpersonal relations, which is very tough. But sometimes the lines do get blurred so you have to pay that much more attention. Well what's interesting is once they say Wrap you have to switch off, otherwise you will go insane as an actor.
But you always bring home a lot of… There is this one scene between Anita and Shankar where she is telling him how she feels about him. Shankar is meant to reciprocate initially and suddenly Ramu after the first take said "What are you doing?! You are behaving like she is your wife! (everyone laughs) you know, hold back a bit!" You get so involved sometimes you just forget! All of a sudden from Anita, she becomes Aishwarya again, and you're like Ok! Okay honey, let's go!"
AISHWARYA: (On the criticism they receive) "We're human, negativity cannot evoke just to sit back and enjoy that kind of response! Obviously it hurts… all creative people are super sensitive and it's very evident about what we do. We are dealing with emotions all the time…"
AISHWARYA on her Father In Law and co-star in Sarkar Raj, Amitabh Bachchan: "Even in all that praise and adulation, you see he never loses sight, in his humility in his gratitude, and his endeavour to continue persuing the craft. He's never laid back about the kind of response he provokes. Whenever there is criticism come his way, he'll acknowledge it, he will use it if necessary embrace it and work on it effectively."
ABHISHEK on his wife being judged on her beauty rather than her acting ability: "When she first came into the industry yes- she was miss world. Yes she still is the most beautiful woman on Earth. That's something that has stuck with her. And there's no denying it a lot of her charm is in her beauty and her demeanour, that's not to take away her performance capabilities.
And they always say that she's only about good looks and she's very plastic. But actually if you go to see, and now I'm not speaking as a husband, I'm speaking as a co-star and an actor, she happens to have done some of the most daring kind of roles that an actor whose only meant to be known for her beauty could have done.
The least vain about her looks, she has done a movie like Provoked, Choker Bali, a Raincoat, she's done a Guru. She's done movies which don't focus on her beauty but focus on her talent, but that's never recognised."
ABHISHEK on being judged on his physical appearance " Guru- I put on 12 kilos for the film… I lost it for Jhoom Barabhar Jhoom, and then put some on again, but see people won't look into that. That's why I think it's very tricky, you walk a fine balance between being a public figure and being an actor. Do we have to be stars all the time or are we meant to be actors?"
On the best gift they have received from one another:
ABHISHEK: When we were dating she knew that I'm a huge fan of Nelly the rapper, and there is this one song of his called Dilemma which I used to like very much, and she got me a mike of his, autographed by him, which I thought was really cool for a Valentines, which I thought was pretty special I mean, I thought she went out of her way…
ASH: Aah the significance to dilemma… (giggles) the significance to that song…
PABLO: Do we want to talk about the significance of that song?
ABHI: You started it!
ASH: Err…Oops! … Let it slide, sorry.
You can down load the Abhishek and Aishwarya interview direct from the BBC Asian Network  website