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Young Indian filmmaker wins trip to Cannes Lion Festival from UK film competition

Aniruddh, the winner of Community Channel’s filmmaking competition

Aniruddh, the winner of Community Channel’s filmmaking competition


25 year-old Aniruddh from Khanpur, in Uttar Pradesh has been crowned the winner of Community Channel’s filmmaking competition, Global360. As the winner of the competition, run in partnership with Cannes Chimera and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Aniruddh won Rs200,000 rupees and a prestigious trip to the Cannes Lion festival.

A panel of judges including Pushpinder Chowdhry, a director and producer, Farrukh Dhondy, screenwriter and former BBC Worldwide director, Seema Mohapatra, crowned Aniruddh’s film the winner ahead of eight other finalists. Aniruddh’s winning film, Pittu Garum, creatively showcases the decline of child mortality rates and the eradication of diseases like Polio from India.  Two runners up, Aakash Karkare and Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha, were also awarded Rs200,000 rupees each.

In June Community Channel, the only national television channel in the UK for communities, charities and local stories, challenged young Indian filmmakers to create short films about how India is changing, and how society, technology and aid are transforming Indian lives for the better. These short films formed India Unplugged, a three-part television series that explored the rich human stories shaping India, in the hope that this content would challenge British 18-25 year-olds’ attitudes towards aid.

Whilst making the films, the filmmakers were also offered mentoring support from some of India’s best creative directors from the film and advertising studios in Delhi and Mumbai, through a youth mentoring scheme run by communications charity Media Trust, who also own and run Community Channel.

Aniruddh, writer, director, composer and sound designer of Pittu Garam said: “It gives me immense pleasure to be associated with a cause as noble as aid. As soon as I heard the brief, I was very keen to make a short film that showcased the growth and development of Indian kids, especially in villages. Being the winner of Community Channel’s Global360 Challenge gives me hope that my work is going in the right direction and extreme pleasure that I have been able to make something for the village I belong to.”

Alexander Kann, Director of Community Channel & Audiences, said: “I was amazed by the standard of content submitted from the young Indian filmmakers as part of our Global360 Challenge. Aniruddh is a very worthy winner and I can’t wait to see what he goes on to achieve.”

All nine finalists’ films are available to watch on Community Channel’s website and viewers are encouraged to take action and join in the conversation on Global Citizen.