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Wordzplay: Punjabi Word Game educating the next generations about their language

Wordzplay is an educational literacy game based on word cards available in English and Punjabi. Wordzplay was founded by two sisters Sharon and Kam following years of discussion on how to improve English language skills and an individual’s vocabulary.

Wordzplay Punjabi

Amrit from Punjab2000 interviewed the two masterminds behind the innovative word game. They told Amrit, “We were very keen to encourage children and young adults to learn new words and to use them in the correct context. Many individuals are not adopting the English language within their everyday vocabulary.

“We have become a nation of slang and text message language is used much more. This can negatively impact an individual’s long term career goals as young adults are lacking confidence in complex situations such as face to face job interviews where verbal communication is key. In many cases, the CV will not even get their foot into the door.”

The magnetic word cards were invented because Wordzplay feel very passionate about getting all generations communicating with each other, “otherwise the relationships between grandchildren and their grandparents are limited due to the language barrier. It’s about keeping the Punjabi language alive and making learning it fun!”

The idea behind using Wordzplay is to learn one word at a time and testing other members of the family and building short sentences, which in turn will start to build stronger relationships and open new doors by making the speaker more confident. “Lack of confidence can really put a young individual off even asking their grandmother if she wants a cup of tea.”

Wordzplay is available in two ranges, ‘General Words and Days of the Week’ and ‘Body Parts, Fruit and Vegetables and Family Members’. The word cards are complete with pictures and verbal pronunciations of the words so the words are accessible to all users, even those not necessarily from a Punjabi background.

Wordzplay Punjabi2

“Parents tell us that because this is a visual product and it’s something that everyone can get involved with, not only are their children learning, they are also learning new words. There is no age limit on the Punjabi product range, we have even had some doctors purchase it to help them communicate better with their Punjabi patients. Parents, children, grandparents feel proud when they see our products and instantly want to purchase a box, this helps them believe that they have just invested in preserving our language.”

The product can be purchased from the website, Amazon UK or the Facebook retailing at £15.00 per box.

Wordzplay are planning to grow the brand in the UK and Internationally having already sold the Punjabi boxes to customers in the USA. Plans for the future include growing our product range and making it available in different languages. Recently the team filmed an advert which is due to be released, So watch this space…