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Win a CD Soundtrack and a poster for ‘Kites’

Win a CD Soundtrack and a poster for ‘Kites’

Where did the European Premiere of Kites take place?
A) Paris 
B) Madrid 
C) London


Please e mail your answers to [email protected]

Win a CD Soundtrack and a poster for ‘Kites’

Starring one of India’s most idolized artists Hrithik Roshan and South American screen icon Barbara Mori, ‘Kites’ marks India’s most international film project and has broken both the UK and US Box Office Top 10’s in its opening weekend. The film heralds a new milestone in international filmmaking by crossing geographical, cultural and social boundaries, directed by the pioneering Anurag Basu and produced by veteran of Indian cinema, Rakesh Roshan, under his Filmkraft banner. ‘Kites’ is on general release in cinemas across UK now.


‘Kites’ centres around two immigrants – one from India and one from Mexico – both navigating life in North America in pursuit of their dreams. Destiny unites them through the most unexpected twist of fate, which culminates in a mortally wounded man being left for dead in the harsh terrain of the Mexican desert. The man is ‘J’, but barely recognizable as the once carefree and street-smart trickster that he was. The only thing now keeping him alive is his quest to reclaim the love of his life – ‘Linda’.

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