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The nation’s favourite coffee shop trials Costa and a Kip service

costa and a kip

The nation’s favourite coffee shop, Costa, is trialing a new service from April that lets customers nod off and have a power nap when they hit an afternoon slump.
With sales figures highest between 3:00pm and 4:00pm, the time when people are most in need of a coffee ‘pick-me-up’, Costa is offering customers a chance to book a 15-minute snooze.

Specially imported, Japanese inspired Ostrich Pillows will turn tables into relaxation zones. Customers will be able to place their coffee order, let staff know what time to wake them using the specially designed table clocks and take a nap, before being gently nudged back into consciousness by a friendly Barista with their favourite Costa drink.
Clair Preston-Beer, Chief Operating Officer at Costa said: “Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always an option with busy and hectic lifestyles.
“Daytime power napping has been scientifically proven to boost productivity and relieve stress during the working day. Firms like Google and Nike already provide nap rooms for staff. With this in mind, we are bringing a similar concept to UK high streets with our ‘Costa and a Kip’ service.”
Costa already has a reputation for comfort in its coffee shops spending millions a year to make their stores a home from home. The addition of Ostrich Pillows on loan for a sneaky seated snooze is a logical extension of the firm’s ethos.
“People come to our stores to relax and take time out of their busy day. They tell us they enjoy the comfortable surroundings so we have taken the ability to relax at Costa to a whole new level. Although it’s only a trial at the moment, feedback so far has been very positive,” said Clair.

Costa predicts the combination of a short nap followed by an irresistible coffee will sustain the nation’s energy levels for at least three hours, well past the end of the working day.

Customers can find out more about the new ‘Costa and a Kip’ service by visiting