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Voodoo Doll

London (18th January 2005) – There are some pop acts that follow a set formula and then there are others that break the rules and do things their own way. New all girl group Voodoo Doll fall into the latter category because they are smart, sassy and being young Asian girls are not afraid to go against convention. 
 Their names are Nosheen, Jehaan and Ayesha and just by looking at them, you can see the over whelming passion and determination in their eyes. These aren’t three ordinary girls. They know what they want and will be sure to get it! 
 Their musical identity cannot be encapsulated into any specific genre, ranging from sugar coated pop to Asian rock. With the help of working with well- known producers such as BigPockets, (Liberty X’s ‘Just a little’), The Ignorants (Craig David’s ‘What’s your flava’), 19 year old Guz fresh from multi platinum selling success in his native Australia, Femi Fem (The Young Disciples), Rishi Rich, Kgee (The All Saints), JD (So Solid), Imran Hanif (Dead Relative) and street producers Prash, and The Sona family. They have also worked with top songwriters Savan Kotechi, Ali Tenant, Celicia and Elizabeth Troi. They are on a quest to find their own original style, using an Asian- fusion sound with an urban, edgy feel. 
Each member brings their own vibe to the group; Nosh, with her diverse influences, can listen to anything from Eminem to Kylie. Known as the ‘harmony queen’ in the group, she harmonises instinctively over anything. ‘She has a very good ear’, Ayesha says. ‘She can just tell immediately if something’s out.’ Nosh’s characteristic and sexy voice hits the right cord to send you leaping off your chair and straight to the dance floor. Nosh, who describes herself as ‘a lost soul’ is the crazy, free spirit of the group and her presence is undoubtedly made for being a pop star. 
Jay, appears at first, to have the cool and laid back attitude but underneath this exterior lies a passionate and focused girl just wanting to make credible tunes. ‘Jay has this intriguing quality about her’, Nosh says, ‘her voice, her performance- one word, smooth’. This is true, her silky, velvet voice takes you back to an era of big bands and smoky cafes.
Her jazz and blues influences such as the classics like Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald are noticeably evident in her style. She simply adds the soul to Voodoo Doll’s songs. Ayesha, the baby of the group at 18, writes and composes songs on the piano. ‘Her passion for music is evident in everything she does’, Jay says, ‘She can’t help but feel it’.
Her voice has a powerful captivating tone that fights the battle of not becoming the same moulded product of the music industry. ‘What people try and do these days is try and control the music’, she says,’ when you really you just have to let it control you.’
Studying music at The Academy of contempory music, she says she has grown a respect for music of all genres and hopes Voodoo Doll will be able to fuse their influences together to create a unique sound.  We want to try everything because we feel we can, Jay says, Music shouldn’t have any limitations’. Nosh agrees, ‘I feel we’re just getting started.
Where we’re at now musically, is in a different league from where we began’. The first Asian girl band set to change the stereotypes and place a fresh and exciting sound into the mainstream charts. ‘It’s been a roller coaster of emotions, musical struggle and hard work’, says Ayesha, ‘and that’s only the beginning’. And what a beginning it is!