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UK’s first British Asian plus size model chats to Amaretto

Talk Time with Amaretto



Welcome to Talk Time with Amaretto – a new YouTube series by Punjab2000’s favourite media-head Amrit Matharu, also known as Amaretto! Amrit talks to interesting individuals about their journey, advice and shares their story with you.

In the first episode Amrit meets Bishamber Das, the UK’s first British Asian plus size model. Bishamber opens up as they talk body image, family life, positive mindsets and female empowerment.

Growing up, Bishamber tells Amrit about her struggles of coping with a difficult family life. Being the eldest of her siblings, Bishamber found it testing to cope. Not wanting to let her parents down by turning to alcohol or drugs, she openly admits how she turned to emotional eating. They discuss weight problems in the Asian community and its prejudice.

Overcoming issues with her weight has always been a trialling period. Bishamber opens up about receiving negative comments from family, members of the Asian community and how people are quick to judge by a person’s exterior. As a bright young successful woman, now the face of high street fashion store, Yours in the Middle East, Bishamber celebrates positivity and true beauty from within.

Watch more to be inspired by the advice Bishamber shares with her fans and men and women of all body types.

“Our happiness is not in someone else’s pocket. Try and make things happen for yourself. You don’t have to wait for someone to give you an opportunity.”