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Trust publishes proposed strategy for re-shaping the BBC

The proposal is to replace it with a network of five part-time local services with some syndicated national Asian programmes.  
These would be available on local DAB and local Medium Wave, serving areas with the largest British Asian communities. This would result in dedicated Asian Networks where they’re most relevant – more responsive and closer to audiences, with a mixture of locally tailored and syndicated programmes.
The proposals are now with The Trust for public consultation
Trust publishes proposed strategy for re-shaping the BBC

02 March 2010

The proposals have been drawn up by the BBC Executive following a challenge from the BBC Trust to the Director General to carry out a full scale review of the BBC's strategy.
The Trust issued the challenge in July 2009 to address questions about the scope of the BBC's activities, focusing on how the BBC can most effectively deliver its public service mission and meet audience needs and deliver value for money.
The proposals will now be subject to a 12 week consultation. The Executive's proposals can be found on the Strategy review page.
BBC Trust Chairman Sir Michael Lyons said:
"The public pick up the bill for the BBC and it is right that it constantly evolves to meet their expectations. This strategy review is a key part of that process.
"We welcome the general direction of this report, although we will want to test it and consider how it is delivered. We are clear it heads towards a more disciplined and sharply focused BBC. That will mean some difficult choices. But we will not shrink from those choices where they are in the interests of licence fee payers.
"The end result should be a BBC that is genuinely distinctive, genuinely open and transparent and genuinely public service."
In its original challenge to the Executive, the Trust set out five key questions:
  • How can the BBC best maintain quality and distinctiveness?
  • Where if necessary could its focus be narrowed and its scale reduced?
  • What will a fully digital BBC look like?
  • Can the BBC better define the 'public space' it provides?
  • How can the BBC create most value from its scale?
In publishing the Executive's proposals today, the Trust has stressed that it supports the Director-General's vision of "a BBC focused on quality content and enduring values that keeps open a public space for all" and that it endorses the central proposals put forward for achieving that vision.
In its response the Trust has also set out the areas that it supports, those it will want to consider further and those where longer term thinking is needed.
The Trust will use the responses from the 12 week consultation and its own analysis to form a final view on what the future strategic framework for the BBC ought to be. It will aim to provide a provisional view of its conclusions in the summer and a final strategy in the autumn.
At this stage the Trust is consulting on the overall strategy for the BBC. It is not formally considering any specific changes to services, including for example those proposed for the Asian Network or to 6 Music. Under its formal regulatory processes, to make such changes, the Trust would need first to receive applications from the BBC. It would expect the Executive to put those forward only after the Trust has completed its own work and set out its final view on what the BBC's future strategy ought to be.
Any specific changes to services would be subject to full regulatory scrutiny, including further rounds of consultation where appropriate.
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