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A Tribute to Gurps Singh Mudher aka DJ Gurps

We are extremely sad to hear our good friend Gurps Mudher also known as DJ Gurps, who passed away on Sunday 17th June 2018 aged only 34.  He was a well known international bhangra DJ and music producer. Gurps was a wonderful, funny, kind hearted person, who connected with so many people within the industry. He always supported everyone and showed so much love and respect. A genuine guy, who was very passionate about music and DJing.

Background History of DJ Gurp’s Musical Journey:

DJ Gurps started djing at the age of 14. He grew a passion for music due to influencers like Panjabi MC, Bally Sagoo, Iconic Gurdas Mann and Nusrat Fareh Ali Khan. At 16, he joined Mix and Blend Roadshow and started Djing alongside DJ Rags. Within a short space of time, he picked up his own sound and style of DJing to suit his audiences.

Dj Gurps had soon set a trend, by mixing urban beats with desi beats. He started out doing wedding djing but soon became London’s top late night club DJ. DJ Gurps wanted to showcase more of his creative ability to the industry so he decided to start engineering and producing his own music. He was a very talented dhol drummer and dholak percussionist. With his skills and knowledge of those two talents, he infused them into music production.

Then at the Age of 20, DJ Gurps was head-hunted by the UKs biggest Asian discothèque company, ‘Calibar Roadshow’, and signed up to move up to the musical ladder of success. His distinctive style of play was now more prominent in the clubs and parties of the UK as he featured as one of Calibar’s lead DJs at a number of Private & Corporate events each weekend. Dj Gurps has performed around the world in India, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Madrid, Egypt, Paris, Glasgow and San Francisco.

In 2009, he released his debut bhangra album called “Expectations” which became a huge success. The album went on to sell over 6000+ copies and consisted of tracks with Late Kaka Bhaniawala called Daru PeeKe Nachna and Ous Kurri with Manak-E. His songs dominated the charts for many weeks. DJ Gurps was the last person to make a track with Kaka Bhaniawala before he sadly passed away in 2009.

Expectations Album Track listing:

  • 01 – Intro – Sam-E
  • 02 – Ous Kurri – Manak-E
  • 03 – Mundeyo – Nirmal Sidhu & Dj Rags
  • 04 – Daru Peeke Nachda – Kaka Bhainiawala
  • 05 – Mitro – Labh Janjua
  • 06 – Boliyan – Sarbjit Kaur
  • 07 – Sassi – Rafaqat
  • 08 – Daru Peeke Nachda – Remix – Kaka Bhainiawala
  • 09 – Sarwan Putter – Bakshi Billa
  • 10 – Boliyan – Instrumental

DJ Gurps has also produced many singles such as Gabhru Gulaab Warga, Ous Kurri 2, Eshareh, Swaad and Branda Da Craze. In 2010, he was nominated for the “BEST CLUB DJ” award at the British Asian Music Awards & Won the Judges 1st Place Award at The International DJ Showdown in Vancouver, Canada – a testament to the success and following he had built up in a short space of time.

While regularly playing at Hi-End Asian Weddings and a number of corporate functions in London, DJ Gurps had developed a plethora of sound situations to cater for the varied clientele he regularly performs for. From the sometimes raucous Bhangra and Bollywood club nights to the groove-laden chill out nights at London’s premier bars and clubs, DJ Gurps had a wicked and diverse playlist to offer.

Sunday 17th June 2018 will forever be a devastating day for the bhangra industry. Many people within the industry paid tribute to Gurps by sharing their personal memories of him on social media. This clearly shows he had a huge impact on many people lives and careers. Rest in Peace Gurps, you will be greatly missed.

Ghabru Gulaab Warga|DJ Gurps|MinistryOfDhol|VIP Records

Punjab2000 team would like to extend our sympathies and condolences to Gurp’s family, the Calibar Family and close friends. Gurps will be sorely missed.