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P2K family Tony Singh Pabla tribute

In Loving Memory Of Tony Singh Pabla #TonySinghPabla

In Loving Memory of Tony Singh Pabla 31-08-1969 – 11-09-2015


Tony Singh Pabla RIP 11/09/2015


TONY SINGH PABLA (CEO PUNJAB2000) – 31/08/1969 – 11/09/2015.

On the afternoon of Wednesday the 9th of September 2015, Tony was rushed to the Leicester Royal Infirmary Adult Intensive Care, after experiencing severe headaches. Hospital scans revealed that a blood vessel had burst in the middle part of his brain. Tragically Tony never regained consciousness and passed away peacefully on Friday the 11th of September 2015, surrounded by those who loved him dearly.

Everyone around the world mourned for the ‘silent legend’ Tony Singh Pabla. The co-owner of Punjab2000 who never missed any events, press releases, interviews and anything else within the Asian showbiz world. He kept himself extremely busy but still managed to find the time to keep in touch with everyone.

The Asian music and media industry stood still and we were flooded with messages & prayers for Tony Singh Pabla to get better. An individual who was not famous in any shape or form but one who helped spread love and happiness to all. Messages of love and respect were received from many famous artists such as Harbhajan Mann, Sukhshinder Shinda, Rishi Rich, Raghav, Punjabi MC and the list goes on.

Tony was a stats man and on Thursday the 10th of September there were over 2.5 million interactions about him on Twitter alone. This is PHENOMENAL for a non-artist. A man of many words and unbelievable energy, it would have taken a great deal for Tony to slow down. As quoted by a few close friends ‘Tony we need subtitles for you dude, slow down’.

The story of the silent legend called #TonySinghPabla began at his store Friends Electric. The HMV of the Bhangra scene in Leicester, frequently visited by artists, DJ’s and students. Some just wanting to hang out or be the first to listen to or buy new song releases.



He had artists like Jay Sean, Juggy D, Rishi Rich, Jaz Dhami just to name a few who used his shop as a meet and greet. Tony’s passion for the Asian music scene started when he was a DJ, his official name “DJ D’zire”. Tony, a man of many talents: a photographer, writer, pr machine. With Punjab2000 he covered so many events including album launches, film press conferences, exclusive artist interviews, melas, award shows, Nagar Kirtans and religious marches. He was also known as ‘the oracle’ of the Asian music industry as everyone would contact Tony for answers, whether stuck about who to contact, album advice and music information in general.


Tony was a fun but humble character, always willing to help and advise anyone in or out of the industry, without ever wanting anything back. He has supported and helped many artists over the years and was the main Mr Punjab2000, doing what he did selflessly with so much passion and energy. Tony just wanted to make peoples dreams become a reality because he was a true believer of the quote “TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK”. He worked tirelessly behind the scenes, running the website, forever researching, and making future plans.

Tony displayed his selfless character by registering so many people over the years onto the NHS Organ Donor Register and after his untimely passing his organs were donated. Unbelievably September 7th -13th was the National Transplant week during which Tony’s organs were given to several people who were in desperate need of organ transplants – his ultimate gift.


We would like to thank everyone who has shown love to Tony Singh Pabla in life and during the traumatic events that unfolded. Life will never be the same without Tony but we will celebrate this shining star and carry on with his legacy of Punjab2000, that he spent night and day working hard on and his commitment to NHS Organ Donor Register.


Tony Pabla & Gulshan Grover

Tony Pabla & Gulshan Grover


Below are the tributes from some of Tony’s closest friends and colleagues at Punjab2000 who he always called his #P2Kfamily.

TEJINDER SINGH CEO of PUNJAB2000 talks about the early days of

Tejinder with Dharmendra

Tejinder with Dharmendra

Not many of you will know this but I started Punjab2000 in September 1999, while driving to work thinking of something for my Dad to do while he was at home so he would not  get bored. I approached Tony with my idea but we could not get a name that was right. I thought about but that was already taken but as it was the millennium I decided to get and registered. When I told Tony, he said it was too long of a name, however I said let’s roll with it and together we set up the world famous Punjab2000 message board. Tony and I used to run the message board and soon I started posting all the gig flyers from his shop ‘Friends Electrics’ on the message board and the latest Bhangra releases. I then asked if I could sell his tapes online for a commission which he agreed to. Tony would give me his brand new tapes to digitally make 30 second snippets and soon I started selling the tapes online.

Thinking back Punjab2000 must have been the worlds 1st Bhangra ITunes and Facebook site! In December that year, we launched Punjab2000 from my home office and invited the local press and a few City Councillors. Punjab2000 was featured on late night ITV by Rajiv Popat for having downloadable Bhangra music, Sikh religious tapes, Sikh history and culture. This program was recorded at the Guru Nanak Gurdwara Museum and at the time Tony was too camera shy. Punjab2000 was becoming popular especially with Tony’s connections so I asked if  I could take pictures at gig nights and events and soon our Punjab2000 logo was also getting printed on the flyers. The promoters were great especially Kushty, who supported both Tony and me from day one, not forgetting Sid Dollar & Milton. Soon Tony and his mates Jak, Baja and Kam Gill started taking pictures and writing Bhangra articles. Kam was our featured writer for any Bhangra artist.

We needed a better logo so as usual I asked Tony, he agreed and said he would ask Dinx, who also use to take photos at gigs for Punjab2000. The logo you see today is Dinx’s creation, an evergreen and lasting logo you can’t miss on flyers & billboards. Soon we decided to call ourselves the “Gig Team” and as the message board was very busy  Tony got a few more P2K members on board. Banga & Bavin were Tony’s good friends who also helped on the site.

I used to stay up until 5 am updating the latest Bhangra CD’s then going to work at 9am! I then asked Tony to let me have his weekly Bhangra charts that he emailed out to all his contacts in the music industry, he had a huge email list of customers and friends worldwide. The Online Bhangra charts were a  hit!  It got so busy that during the day my Dad would help with entering all the tapes information on the online shop and I would take over after my daytime job. I asked Tony for the CD ‘s instead as they were easier to digitally copy, he said NO lol! I explained why and slowly Tony started giving them to me, so long as I did not damage them.  As I was working full time, Tony also started updating the site from his shop and soon we were selling loads of tapes/CD’s/ Vinyls /Posters. The Bhangra/Bollywood vinyls were a huge hit with the international market including customers from Japan!  Punjab2000 was the go to site back in the day, other Bhangra sites followed but Leicester’s Punjab2000 was the kicking site.

Over the years with Tony’s network of friends, Punjab2000 has been made media partners on Movies / Bhangra gigs / sell out concerts including Gurdas Mann, Satinder Sartaj, Diljit Dosanjh, Harbhajan Maan featuring on billboards up and down the country. We have interviewed the industry’s best with the Billan sisters(Sharon & Kiran)/Baja/Kam/Upinder/Harjap/Tony Bains/Akshay. We even got Uppi to do an interview with Akshay Kumar in Punjabi lol (Tony never wanted to delete this video ‘Bandit’). Many more P2K interviewers have joined the P2K family over the last 2-3 years with an events team continuing what we started.

We have done behind the scenes filming of music videos, Bollywood films like Farari Ki Sawari, when Tony and myself stayed overnight at his friend Tony Singh’s penthouse in London. He loved this, Tony Singh  just gave Tony the keys to the penthouse as that was the sort of friendship he had, annoying yet lovable and trusting.  Tony Singh Pabla has launched many albums from his shop Friends Electrics with artist like Punjabi MC / Jay Sean/ Rishi Rich / Jaz Dhami and many more local artists doing signings at his store. Many radio stations ‘borrowed’ his tapes and vinyl collections, some have still not returned them. I know who you are because he told me!!  Tony’s mum, sister in law and ex wife would help him in the shop but he would always be on the phone helping and advising so many others within in the industry on what to do. Tony’s mum would always tell me to tell him to stop doing that and concentrate on his own business. He never listened and continued to help others. Once he surprised me when I said we would have peace and quiet now that his phone battery had died…..he gets out his back up charger  and backup phone and starts laughing  and saying “that is never going to happen Tejinder” 😉

Tony was at my house almost every single day or on the phone to me about the website updates & events coverage!  Tony also had a huge personal collection of comic books, Bhangra vinyls and many others music tapes from back in the day that he was so proud of and never wanted to sell any!

Everyone I know has had an “interesting”, good experience with Tony and many have made money/career moves or new friends through his connections   – whatever his annoying habits were he was still the best friend I could have wished for and a very special  Tony Uncle to my 3 kids for the last 15 years.


Hindo Kaur

Hindo Kaur


Tony uncle was definitely “The man with a plan”. I will never understand how he managed to keep in touch with everyone, update all Punjab2000 social media accounts as well as having a crazy social life. His mind was full of so many ideas and content for the website and it was really hard to keep up with him. The reason Tony uncle did that was because his passion was to make others happy through Punjab2000. He truly was a remarkable man that will never be forgotten. The one thing I regret is taking Tony uncles presence for granted because I felt he would always be here with us.

It breaks my heart knowing I won’t get to see/speak to him again. I will hold on to all the memories we shared together and treasure them forever. Saying goodbye to him on Friday hurt so much because the person you love automatically becomes a precious memory. There will never be anyone like  Tony Uncle because he truly was one of a kind. The tears I shed are tears of happiness because I was very privileged to be part of his life. The recent events have taught me to always show people how much you appreciate them, even a quick phone call or text message as it is the small things that count. I know he is looking down on us with his big cheesy smile and I will make sure that I make him proud. The P2K family will embrace his legendary quote “Team work makes the dream work”.

I miss you so much Uncle Tony, the Heavens have gained a beautiful Angel x

“Sometimes the people that you love so much are taken far too soon”.


Manjeet Kaur

Manjeet Matharoo

Tony Singh Pabla, I want to thank you for all that you have taught me in the business of media and made me the face of Punjab2000. The knowledge and wisdom you have imparted on me has been a great help and support throughout my career. I believe my success is at least, if not all due to your sincere support and mentorship.

I want to express my deepest gratitude for believing in me. You have been an excellent friend, teacher, mentor and a great inspiration for me.

You have inspired me to pursue my goals with hard work and dedication. You have shown me the value of honesty, sincerity and trust in the business we are involved in.

I truly appreciate and value everything I have learned from you….it will forever remain a major contribution behind my success and achievements.

I look forward to the day that I can make a difference in someone’s else’s life like you did mine.

Rest in peace my brother.


Balwinder Singh

Balwinder Rehncy

Tony for me will always be remembered as the iconic superhero that he was, always full of life whether it be at 100mph when we were on the phone, or whenever he would call me he would ask about the pictures and logos and the event after, in that particular order! He was a very inspirational person who cared about everyone and everything apart from himself. Thanks for the Gurdas Mann tickets!

Whenever we would meet you were always laughing, joking, smiling. That’s the way I would like to remember you. Thanks again for bringing all of us together as part of your vision for the P2K team as we are known. Tony soon adopted my code names for each member, Bobster as he use to call me affectionately. I won’t say the rest but I’m sure we all had our own. Bro wherever you are, I know you are rocking parties, organising shows and living the dream up in Heaven.

May Waheguru Ji bless your soul and who knows we might meet again some day.

One love, Bobster! X





No more can I say to you “what, say again” on the phone because you talked too fast lol…..It was an absolute pleasure to have known you. I will also say a big thank you for introducing and giving me the opportunity to work within the media industry.

Me and the whole Punjab2000 family will keep it running to it’s fullest! Also, don’t worry I’ll always remember to have the logos on the pictures and no matter how much I dislike to do so right now from now on I will check in on Facebook at events too 😉 Lol you will be greatly missed by all bro.

#It’sNotTheYearsInYourLifeIt’sTheLife inYourYears






Tony: The No1 Bandit/Flop……miss you loads my brother.  Thanks for everything, I will never forget you…..will keep your dream Punjab2000 alive….Your Uppi X















They say “You are who your friends are,” and honestly speaking…..If I could have been half of the amazing human being you were….I’m more than blessed. For as long as I live I aspire to be just like you….or anything as close as you.

I’ve been trying so hard to put words together to tell you how much you mean to me for the last few hours but I just don’t know how to. There doesn’t seem to be enough words to express my deepest gratitude and love for you.

You’ve played such a big part in my life. Two years ago when I had nothing and wanted to end my life….you let me be part of the Punjab2000 team. You gave me purpose and made me want to live my life again and for that I owe you my life.

You so humbly put in so many days, nights and long hours teaching me everything I know today about journalism, writing articles and interviewing people. All you ever wanted was for me to succeed and would do anything to help me. You also said you’re going to make me famous. Haha I love your sense of humour!

Just 4 weeks ago I was admitted to the doctors for 2 weeks due to my depression and anxiety. During the most lowest, darkest and longest moments of my life….not one day did you not stop messaging me and asking how I am doing. Even when I was all alone with strangers, doctors and nurses……you kept encouraging me and telling me that I am not alone. You always cared not only about me and my health but about my moms and my sisters. I love you for caring so much even being so many miles away.

My phone is so quiet now without you messaging me every second and moment of every day. You were always my first hello in the morning and the last goodnight. I’m really going to miss that. I wish I could talk to you one more time….talking about Batman, Daredevil on Netflix, Suits and Harvey Spector. Thank you for always making me laugh, smile, paying attention and thinking of me.

Thank you for always believing in me and being proud of how far I’ve come. You always said I’ve learnt so much working for Punjab2000…..but no Tony, it’s all you. If there’s one thing that you’ve taught me, it is to be selfless and to always be selfless. You have a heart of gold and there will never be anyone like you Tony. You are a legend.

You are not just my boss or friend… are family. I miss you very much. Rest in Paradise. X





Tony, Tony, Tony aka Boss Man. Where does one start or end when speaking about #Tony Singh Pabla? What a warm, wise, wonderful, wacky soul you are who I have had the privilege to know so well over such a short period of time. I had become so use to the 5-10 calls, 20 messages day or night, whether I liked them or not. You always had something to say, hence why the constant contact with so many of us.

Life has been so unbelievably sad and empty since you left us. Even though everyone prayed so hard and hoped that you would heal, we knew in our heart of hearts that Wednesday night would be the last time that we would see you. I am sure that you somehow heard us all and know what you mean to so many. Tony, you are truly valued, loved and missed.

We met properly in Hyde Park only June 2014 at The Remembrance March after hearing about me from Manj. You had said that I notice everything and anything and speak to anyone and everyone (not always a good thing) so how would I feel about joining Punjab2000.  I replied with “cool, sounds good”. Since then you have had me interview, write, research, review, edit, film, take photos, create albums, co-ordinate at events, some PR, be your diary and now carrying artists on my shoulders haha. You always say the #Simster can do anything and I truly believe that now because of you. I greatly appreciate all the care, respect, straight forward words, support, knowledge and laughter that you have given me with regards to working in this industry but even more so as a friend. Thank you for trusting us to be responsible, making our own decisions, knowing that it was all out of love and respect for you, Tejinder and our P2K family. You may not be physically with us but we will always keep you in heart and mind, continuing to learn from you every day. I will miss our conversations about gig days, films, music, DC Comics, Bruce Lee, social issues and almost all other topics. Even though you have cost me months of sleep 😉 I would do it over and over just to speak to one more time. Mum even misses your calls on the landline when I didn’t answer the mobile, although all she understood was Sat Sri Akal Aunti Ji…..then the Speedy Gonzales speech would start again haha!

It’s difficult losing someone so special, so full of life and energy, who has been such an integral part of our daily lives and it’s hard to imagine Punjab2000 without you as you have truly made it what it is today. I know that you will always be with us and your P2K family will continue with our plans and make you proud, even more so by the people we hope to become. Tony Singh Pabla, you are a gem of a gentleman, truly genuine in every way and one of the most interesting characters I have ever met. Even though you were my boss and a few years older you always respected me as an equal, valued my opinions, even let me boss you around haha and I couldn’t help feeling so protective over you. Maybe it was your boyish clumsiness, eccentric habits, your sweet childlike smile and laugh or your innocence that shined through. Never again will I be able to fix your collar every time we meet or give you napkins when we eat (but I will tell the team about the Paratha on the cameraman story, your splits party tricks and many other funny stories). Tony, everyone has fond, funny memories of you and we will remember you with great affection, continue to stay optimistic and see the comedy in most situations as you did. A kind compassionate soul, who helped all in life and continued to do so after passing, so others could live. I hope now that more will consider being an organ donor after your loving and selfless act. I know you will want us all to celebrate your life as you did here. I hope you are at peace with Waheguru Ji and finally taking that well deserved rest. Love and regards to your family who we will always look out for.

I find peace knowing that we all had so much fun together on Saturday and a wonderful time when you drove down to London to meet the ‘Bad Man’ last Tuesday. You were an excited little boy, we had such a great day and it’s one of the happiest I have ever seen you. I will stand by your saying to me “Stay sassy, classy and a bit bad assy”. You have enriched the lives of all that were blessed to have met you. See you in the next chapter my friend. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You most definitely are Batman. Much love and respect always Boss, your #Simster XxX



Akshay Sharma

Akshay Sharma


Tony Singh Pabla. A true gentleman who would help at any cost. He use to call me Mr Superstar because I think he believed that I could actually make it in showbiz. In actual fact he was the true superstar. Tony’s energy kept me motivated and he supported everything I did. This is something he did for many people and for that I am truly grateful. You will be deeply missed.

Rest in paradise Tony Singh Pabla. X  Lots of love Mr Superstar X






Jasmeet Panesar

Jasmeet Panesar


Tony Singh Pabla, you have taught me so much in the media industry. I can’t repay you back for everything you did, to help me improve and to get better. I am glad I had the opportunity to become a part of the P2K family. You took me on that visual journey that you and Tejinder had, I can’t thank you both enough because without the platform, I would never have been able to do what I have done so far in my media career.

I am deeply saddened and devastated that you have left me and the team behind. Whether this was done because you knew that you have taught and trained us all well but I really do miss you boss. There is so much I can talk about when it comes to Tony Singh Pabla but for now I would like to share the best moment and the last time that I got to spend with him, seeing you attend a Bollywood film interview in London, just the day before you were admitted hospital. I saw you smile and act childish because you got to meet your film idol. You did everything on that day that you told me to never do. For example, the actor put his hand out to greet us but you ignored his handshake and gave him a straight hug. Before the interview took place, you wanted to take a photo with the actor, this is something you always said to do after the interview is over. You sat there zooming in and out of your photo and talking about how good that photo is.

I honestly never saw you this happy and no matter how painful it must have been for you to go through that critical suffering the day after, I am glad you got to be the happiest guy the day before. I can still remember the smile on your face and how excited you were. I know that it should have been said a long time ago, but I promise that I will do everything possible to keep improving as you always kept pushing me to the limit, even if it meant I got annoyed with it. I know I won’t regret listening to those 2-3 hour phone conversations that you always gave me every other day.

Rest In Peace my boss, my mentor and big brother. You are an inspiration to me and I will continue to emulate how much of a genius you were at PR work. I will never forget what you kept telling me, ‘Team Work Makes The Dream Work’.



Amrit Amaretto Matharu

Amrit Amaretto Matharu


Tony is an indispensable character. His dedication to the entertainment and music industry will forever be missed. He created the paths for so many artists and individuals including me. Tony discovered and nurtured my talent, developing my career journey to where I stand today. He continued to offer me amazing opportunities and I will forever be grateful for him for his advice and introducing me to the Punjab2000 family. I will miss your calls and text throughout the day and night Tony, have them waiting for me when we meet again in the next life, Miss Amaretto!!! XOXO









Valraj Baja Banning

Valraj Baja Banning


As a young cheeky lad I visited Tony’s shop for the first time.  He tried to sell my brothers an album, which let’s just say we didn’t see eye to eye on. He must have thought that he could do something with my cheeky questioning side and from that day onwards it was history. Frequently visiting his shop ‘Friends Electrics’, to have him play the latest Bhangra cassettes, to me doing album write ups on the P2K website, attending events/gigs to review, to introducing me to the world of radio presenting. He would also take me to gigs to help and watch him DJ and for giving me countless opportunities to interview artists on camera for the world to view online.

Tony was the “Man With The Plan” and made sure you reached your final destination. He was the PR P2K Champion, Photographer, Councillor, The Oracle of  the Asian/Punjabi music scene and so many other roles too but ultimately he was an Angel sent from above to help others from all walks of life. No matter how famous or unknown you were, everybody was always treated the same. Tony was never paid to help others, his payment was seen in his smile and kushi, once he had helped people reach their destinies before meeting the end of his on 11/09/2015. Today I stand with a crying heart knowing that Farishtey really do exist. Ours just happened to be called Tony Singh Pabla.











I met Tony and Punjab2000 several years ago when I was photographing behind the scenes for a music video.

One of my fondest memories is when, I had to pick him up from Leicester and drive to Leeds for a shoot. I don’t think I said more than a few words throughout the entire journey. Tony just moved from one subject to another without any noticeable pause! He had so many so many stories to tell!

My last encounter was three weeks ago when he was doing some videography and I was shooting some stills at a wedding.  Half way through he said “Surj, I know you don’t like sugary drinks so I’ve put a bottle of diet coke and some glasses near your gear”. I didn’t ask him to….but that simple gesture on his part summed him up.

Just a great caring guy with his heart in the right place.

Someone once said “Don’t be sad it’s over….just be glad it happened”.

It was an absolute pleasure working with and for you Tony Ji.

Rest in peace brother.





During my struggling days, I spent a few months living in Leicester. Not being able to ignore my love for music, I went to visit a local music shop. I wanted to buy 2 CD’s but realised that I was £2.50 short. As I went to put one CD back on the shelf, the man behind the counter kindly told me to take both and pay the rest whenever I next came to the store. I returned to the store two weeks later to repay the funds and the man said with a smile that it’s nice to see someone who genuinely enjoys music.

Years later, when I became more established in the media industry, I was given the pleasure of conducting interviews for Punjab2000. It took me a few months to realise that the very same man who had shown me such kindness in that shop was the same man that I was working with on these interviews, Tony Singh Pabla. Over the years our friendship grew and blossomed but my despondency when I was told of his unexpected passing was unbearable.

Whilst it is important to carry on Tony’s dream after he laid such a strong foundation at Punjab2000, it will never be the same and I will always feel his absence.  This captivating person was a wonderful friend to me, supporting me always with his generous and caring nature. One of his beliefs in life was the importance of being authentic with people, speaking the truth because it’s good for the soul. It was refreshing to know such a frank and open person.

Also, I always admired how he never judged or forced his opinions on anyone but offered valuable and truthful advice that I will surely miss.
Another thing about life that I’ve learned from Tony is that you are going to get hurt. You are going to suffer some kind of heartbreak, some kind of loss but you will also have those moments where you heal. The best way that we can all heal from this grief is to work hard for the legacy that Tony has left behind, knowing that he would be proud of this.

Tony used to be heard saying:”Teamwork makes the dream work.” I am proud to be a part of Punjab2000 and will do whatever it takes to keep Tony’s dream alive.

Thank you Tony for all of the great memories, may your soul find peace wherever it travels. It has been an honour to know such and inspirational person.



Gee kaur

Gee kaur

Tears – If tears could build a stairwell and memories were a lane, Tony we would walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again. No farewell words were spoken no time to say good-bye. You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why. Our hearts still aches in sadness and tears still continue to flow. What it means to lose you, no one will ever know.

Tony – The world flooded the gates of God’s Kingdom begging for your recovery & restoration – A heart broken Mother whom waited and prayed every second for her son to regain consciousness, for life to be put back into her son’s soul, she held on to hope every second praying aching to see you open your eyes again.

Only Saturday evening we shared the happiest moments on the dance floor – you danced like never seen before, you were always camera shy but Saturday evening you celebrated all our Kodak Moments our group Selfies, chats, laugh’s were incredible and certainly unforgettable. Little did we know this was the last time ever.

The morning of this tragedy you text me whilst I was on air – Your wonderful positive, vibrant, caring and warm heart. Sharing your witty jokes, we stood beside your bed in hospital and you responded through the touch of holding on tight to my hand. It gave us hope and we knew you could hear us – Tony no words can possibly substitute in writing, expressing these heightened senses of loss – Thank you for being part of our life, your contribution, your unconditional love and YOU our unique dynamite Tony will always occupy a permanent residence within our hearts and souls – Rest in Peace you shining star, sending our love & light to your new real found home…the realms of sweet Heaven xx

Please send down strength to comfort & console a broken hearted Mother, your Family & Friends as we are struggling to cope with your loss and are missing you every second – Thank you – Love You & Miss you our precious Tony Singh Pabla xx






Tony Singh Pabla, although we have known each other for many years it is only in the last year we were in contact virtually everyday working on Punjab2000 projects. You taught me from scratch how to write and publish articles. We also laughed saying you spoke too fast and should come with subtitles. We joked and laughed last Saturday at my surprise birthday party and you presented me with that 50th canvas in my favourite colour, which will always be a reminder of our remarkable and humble brother Tony.

You have made a positive impact and difference to everybody you have come across in your short life. You will be greatly missed by all of us. The man with the golden heart who even gave that away to help somebody else. Nash & Sukie












With so much to write it’s hard to compress this message Mr Tony Pabla, the man behind the Billan sisters. We will miss you dearly. We share lots of great memories from our long car journeys, arguments behind the camera and our never ending phone conversations.

You have taught us so much and you will never know how much you mean to us. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us, we will never we able to thank you enough.

Lots of love to you Tony Pabla, until we meet again, keep smiling. Billan sisters xx








Roohi Kohli

Roohi Kohli

Tony Singh Pabla and I were briefly associated, me being the most recent addition to the Punja2000 family. However in a small space of time, he managed to strike a chord so much so that I felt awfully helpless and extremely sorry for his sudden demise. I remember how Tony would be extremely patient with my innumerable questions, how he would encourage me and teach me despite me be annoyingly technically challenged.

Apart from his craft and passion, Tony taught me the importance of compassion and support essential in team work. He encouraged me to pick myself up when I went through struggles in my personal life. He would often reach out to people and provide them help which is a rare quality to find. It is indeed our loss that he is not with us today but he would have preferred celebrating what an amazing person he was and how beautifully he went through life.

Thank you Tony for everything and thank you Paricher Tavaria for introducing me to this beautiful soul. I would also like to thank the entire Punjab2000 family for staying together and strong in these turbulent times.







We are celebrating your life.
And the measure of it’s worth.
And every single life that you touched,
While you were on this Earth.
We wish you goodbye dear friend,
Our eyes are filled with tears.
To thank you for your friendship,
And the memories we hold dear.
It’s been a privilege to have known you,
We were family not just friends.
And we will carry you in spirits,
Until we meet you once again.

Where do I begin to write about this Angel named Tony Singh Pabla who came in my life and changed it forever for the better. My heart is aching right now as I begin to write about Tony.

I remember how me and Tony met, my best friend Josephine was working for Punjab2000 and she introduced me to Tony who welcomed me into the P2k family with open arms and offered me an interview with my favourite Bollywood director. Boy, I was so nervous! But Tony showed full support and faith in me and called me up all the way from UK to wish me luck.

He taught me almost everything I know about Journalism. He was encouraging and motivating even when I had doubted myself. He would force me to publish my articles, polished me and made me grow as a Journalist. He used to say that I was his carbon and he was polishing my talent to make me into a diamond, indeed he succeeded in that. I am what I am today all because of Tony. He wasn’t just my boss or editor but a mentor, a guide and a really close friend.

I remember telling him that it was my dream to interview Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor and at that time it was very difficult to get an interview from these A list stars of Bollywood. The next day, Tony surprised me with the date and time for the interview with them, I was speechless. He really cared for all his friends, he would wish me luck for tests and exams. He would call me up when I was in hospital or not feeling well. He would send chocolates on Christmas to me all the way from UK because living in India, I couldn’t attend P2k parties. He would share his love for music with me and send me links to his favourite TV shows and songs.

What is it that we remember when we think of Tony?
I think everyone who knows him very well would agree with me on this. It was his loving and caring nature and his impeccable sense of humor. He was the kind of person that would make everyone laugh so hard that they would end up with tears in their eyes. Who could forget his love for DC comics and grumpy cat memes? Whenever I was feeling down or depressed, he would advise me and then crack a joke to make me feel better. He could make me laugh out loud for real. Thinking about the memories I’ve shared with him makes my heart nostalgic and swell with love and respect for him.

I never met him face to face but still, the love and friendship that I shared with him was something that even distance and miles didn’t disrupt.

He left us too soon, the P2K family and I were not ready for it. I am devastated and it feels like I’ve lost my family. Tony lead an exemplary life. He was well-loved and he had done so many things on Earth and I’m sure he’ll do much more in Heaven. All the memories I have shared with him will forever be cherished. I will forever be grateful that he was in my life and still continues to be a part of my heart.

Tony is in Heaven now and we are here. This is not the time to grieve his death but to celebrate the selfless life that he lived. Let us all think back and remember how Tony touched our lives and keep working hard in making his dreams and causes come true. So that whenever he looks down upon us, he feels proud and smiles. This is the time to be thankful that we were given a chance to have known a man named Tony Singh Pabla and continue together as a family for him.

T, you will forever be missed but I know, we will meet you again and you’ll make us laugh in tears again.
Goodbye, Boss.


Tazz Kaur

Tazz Kaur

Uncle T/Tony uncle.

You were the BEST and you knew it! You’ve made a mark on every single person who has come into your life and for that you are a truly remarkable individual and I’m slightly jealous because I was your favourite. Your non-stop , get go personality would always make everyone smile and there is not one person that would say a bad word about you. It is so hard knowing that you are not here, no longer on the other end of the phone, or sitting in the computer room waiting for me. I use to joke around saying the care home I will build for my parents you can stay in too….is this your way of getting out lol?! We had a one of a kind relationship. YOU let me find my independence (post office visits lol), YOU persuaded my dad to let met go. YOU constantly supported me in life. PUNJAB2000 IS YOU. I will hold on to the precious times we shared and like I posted on your Facebook wall I will become the BEST SOLICITOR for you! This is not a goodbye but a temporary parting until we meet again…

Your bratty child/niece