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TOHAR by Harv Randhawa ft Bawa Sahib

Welcome to the world of talented musician and innovative music producer Harv Randhawa.

After the success of Dhol Vajda almost 1 year ago, Harv is now set to release another free download ‘Tohar’, featuring versatile vocalist Bawa Sahib and the lyrics of Jagga Nikkuwal.

With his latest offering Harv has consciously gone against market norms, and created a unique underground Drum N Bass Punjabi track with a twist that is reminiscent of the late 90s UK Bhangra club sound. Tohar has not been created with the wedding market in mind but a track which is designed to be played in your car, on your phone, in your home, in a club or on the dance oor. Using experimental and diverse sounds accompanied with sub basses and crisp highs, if you are looking for something different then this is it!

Harv is no stranger to the music scene and Bhangra industry, having released with VIP Records and Immortal Productions in recent years. His proudest achievement to date is featuring on the same album as his idol Louie Vega of Masters at Work. The album was called Groove Odyssey Sessions which featured deep soulful house, and received worldwide acclaim.

Here is what Harv has to say about his musical journey: ”I had an Panjabi album ready about 5 or 6 years ago but the powers that be really didn’t understand what I was trying to achieve, therefore I decided to hold re. Now that some time had passed, I genuinely believe the market is ready for change, which in turn makes my songs commercially viable and more relevant than ever. My hard drive is bursting with unreleased material – I am a great believer in waiting for the right time and that time is now.”

With the backing of REVERBERASIAN, there really is no limit to Harv’s creativity and what he can achieve. REVERBERASIAN has given him full creative control and freedom of his own music. Harv is ready to take control of his destiny.

This is only the beginning – watch out for more from Harv and the REVERBERASIAN team.


TOHAR| Harv Randhawa ft Bawa Sahib|

SONG – Tohar
MUSIC – Harv Randhawa
VOCALS – Bawa Sahib
LYRICS – Jagga Nikkuwal

MP3| Torah | Harv Randhawa ft Bawa Sahib|