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The Cat (and Mouse) are Out of the Bag!

After a lifetime of being the world’s most famous enemies, the OG Itchy and Scratchy-Tom and Jerry are finally back to the big pictures with this animation-live action hybrid. The film takes us on an exciting journey to the most awaited wedding of the year between two household names- Ben (Colin Jost) and Preeta (Pallavi Sharda) set in a lavish upscale New York hotel. On being casted alongside these cartoon “legends” Pallavi says,. This is her fun and fresh new Hollywood role after having starred in Bollywood movies.

Keeping in touch with the classic Tom and Jerry cartoon, the film is filled with physical humor that has you remembering your childhood days propped in front of the tele! The film showcases several animals (from Tom and Jerry to New York’s famous and scary pigeons!) in an animated avatar interacting with the human cast of the movie. This pair of violently opposed animals has been given a new launch for a new audience.

With Jerry settling into this luxurious hotel and making it his home, Tom is called upon to help exterminate the “mouse” problem setting in motion a funny back and forth between the two loved cartoon characters. All friends fight but these two battles it out throughout the film! The film will leave you feeling nostalgic and remind you warmer-fuzzier times!