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Unique Soundz Roadshow

The Album – Unique Soundz

They began DJing at local bars and clubs before gradually moving on to major events giving USR wider recognition and acknowledgment; they embarked on this progression by setting up their own Dj Roadshow. 4 years on… USR are now ready to release their imminent debut release… ‘the album’ on the freshest label ‘Baby Camp Records’.

With solid production from Dj Nicku (founder of USR), the album gives you 12 solid tracks covering a varied genre of music ranging from Old skool Folk to New Skool Grime to make your body groove…!! 

It took just over 18 months for the final product to be ready, with studio sessions in the UK and India.  All tracks have been specially recorded and prepared by Unique Soundz featuring top artists; Surinder Shinda, Angrez Ali, Dippa Dosanjh and many more fresh talents from the Punjab. ‘the album’ will be hitting the UK shops in March, retailing at just £5.00, with further releases in India and Canada due shortly after. 

Also, look out for the Music video soon to hit all major channels in late Feb 2007. Track Listing 1. Intro :Lyrics : TanVocals : Tan 

2.Jatt Shrabi
Lyrics: Babbu Singh Mann / Folk
Vocals: Balvir Mann + Jaswinder Jassi

Lyrics: Surinder Shinda / Folk
Vocals: Surinder Shinda

Lyrics: Balraj Sidhu
Vocals: Ranveer Rana

5.Mehndi Mehndi
Lyrics: Traditional
Vocals: Sanjay Dhaliwaal

6.Udham Singh Brief
Lyrics: Balraj Sidhu
Vocals: RKH

7.Udham Singh (Tokha)
Lyrics: Balraj Sidhu
Vocals: Angrez Ali

Lyrics: Ranveer Rana
Vocals: Ranveer Rana

Lyrics: Prince Sukhdev
Vocals: Prince Sukhdev

10.Kuri Jattan Di
Lyrics: Ac & Terra / N’Chyx / Sameet / USR
Vocals: Ac & Terra / N’Cyx / Sameet / Rana

11.Jatt Shrabi (Live session)
Lyrics: Babbu Singh Mann / Folk
Vocals: Dippa Dosanjh / Mandeep Kaur

12.Jagga (Remix)
Lyrics: Surinder Shinda / Folk + Minus P
Vocals: Surinder Shinda ft Minus P
 13. Bonus : Folk Attack 14 : Roadshow Advert  *Track listing subject to change