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Teeyan Da Mela 2018 Birmigham

The sixth annual Teeyan Da Mela to celebrate daughters was held at Second city, Birmingham and hosted by Rinkal Shergill. There were performances from gidha groups and dance competitions which were judged by a panel of special guests and the finalists were asked questions about Punjabi culture to decide the winner from the top three contestants. Teeyan Da mela is continuing the trend from Punjab where ladies and girls would gather together and the  main focus of the teeyan is dancing giddha which is a traditional dance. This tradition of women getting together in villages has now become more or less extinct in the Punjab but annual events across the world are now held as celebration of this traditional event.

Rinkal Shergill is here on the stage with some traditional phulakari which is a embroidery technique from the Punjab,this colorful pure silk thread art work gives a festive and joyous look to home interiors. The stage also displaying a charkha which is a small portable hand cranked wheel which is ideal for spinning cotton and other fibres .

Photos from this years event are been uploaded to our facebook page and we are uploading some more videos here shortly.

Opening speech from Rinkal Shergill

History of Teeyan events


Giddha team performance

Performance by Vakhri Punjabans