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Taz Jawani On The Rocks

Taz’s “Jawani On The Rocks” Album Launch Party Review

Taking place at Jimmy Spices Restaurant in Solihull, the evening started off with food as eclectic as Taz’s trademark fusion sound. Maybe that’s why he chose that restaurant? If so, clever move! Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Italian. Mountains of marshmallows for dessert. HeavenSmile.

Baja & Meena eating on the job (and on the sly as well lol).

But anyway, back to the event at hand!

Plates were put down for the evening’s entertainment, which started with a dance troupe who wowed the crowd (especially the gents!) then it was time to make way for the man himself.

As introduced by Asian FX presenter Pam Sambhi, Taz and his entourage rolled into the restaurant  to the stadium anthem we all know, “We Will Rock You” by Queen. He went straight to the stage, and launched into his new tracks from the album, including “Boli Paa Mitran” and “Jawani” as well as indulging the crowd in “Carol” from the Stereo Nation days.
He lived up to his nickname, the Indian Michael Jackson with his flashy dance moves and his even flashier outfit! Taz must have been inspired by Batman Forever’s Harvey “Two Face” Dent character, because his suit had split personality syndrome.

After his performance, interviews were taken in a cosy corner of the upstairs bar
Baja & Taz From Stereo Nation
and more food was eaten. AND THEN SOME….. Innocent

Doing the rounds in standard showbiz style were BBC’s Adil Ray, Waxs and Kully from the Asian Network, DJ Chino, Happy Bains, Simon Nandhra and the legendary Kam Frantic (check out what Taz has to say about him in the interview!)

As the evening started to wind down and the crowd began to thin, Taz took to the stage again and performed a couple more hits for the people throwing some serious Bhangra shapes on the dancefloor.
The evening carried on without the P2K crew (as it was getting close to our cerfewSurprised), but plenty of pictures were taken and the night was definitely one to remember.

Words: Meena Ganesh