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Swifty Beats ‘Rumours’ ft legendary Kuldeep Manak

Swifty Beats – Rumours (feat. Kuldeep Manak)


‘Bringing you a remix of the legendary Kuldeep Manak with a fusion of UK House & Garage complimented with Hip Hop references.

Swifty Beats, a DJ/music producer, born and bred in the East of London, had been

exposed to music from a very young age. Swifty started playing the Dhol since he was 6

years old; a passion he has carried through till today performing globally on famous

stages such as Glastonbury.

A maths teacher in his day-to- day life, Swifty Beats takes music to the world of teaching

with him. Using music as a motivator to explain complex mathematical theories, Swifty

explains even music has its’ formulas and numbers.

Swifty believes that playing instruments helps when he is creating music for artists and

himself. He has worked with western and Indian artists allowing him to explore his

unique hybrid sound.

Swifty has many musical influences from Timbaland, Diplo to Gurdas Mann and Gorgon

City. Swifty’s passion for music and performing has allowed him to be featured as a BBC

Introducing Artist, circulating radio play with BBC Radio1/1Xtra and BBC Asian


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Snapchat: @Swifty_Beats