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Sunil Sehgal Releases “Laung Da Lishkara” Featuring Surjit Khan

New York producer Sunil Sehgal continues to develop and polish up new material for the Bhangra scene. While fans patiently wait, he shares “Laung Da Lishkara” featuring the vocals of Surjit Khan as a FREE Diwali download.


Sunil Sehgal Releases “Laung Da Lishkara” Featuring Surjit Khan

Sehgal and Khan have a long-standing relationship. This song was conceptualized in 2004, but didn’t get its completed production till 2008. The song has been sitting in Sunil’s studio for the right treatment at the right time. The traditional song exhibits Sunil Sehgal’s ear for Bhangra music stemming from his passion and respect for his Punjabi roots.

“Surjit and I had a blast recording vocals and putting together ideas for this tune. I made the music for this tune 3 times because I wasn’t happy with the first 2 passes. I guess third time’s the charm. I wanted to keep a desi/folk feel to the tune to compliment Surjit’s vocal while maintaining an urban vibe on the beat,” Sunil shares reflecting on the creation of “Laung Da Lishkara.”

Sehgal is also excited for the release of another one of his productions, “Billo Rani,” for Bikram Singh. Singh is set to debut the new single and video November 7 at the iconic New York City club night Basement Bhangra founded by DJ Rekha.

With releases lined up for November and plenty brewing behind the scenes, Sunil Sehgal is promising plenty of hits in 2014.

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