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Red Crescent join hands with Sohaib Ali Khan


Sohaib Ali Khan. Believes that every human being should be devoted to human welfare and to social reforms has now become a part of the world renown humanitarian society, Pakistan Red Crescent. Sohaib is the nephew of the rockstar Shafqat Amanat Ali ( Mitwa fame )

Sohaib Ali Khan will now work as the Star of PRCS and will voluntarily work for the welfare of the society. The motive of PRCS is to donate blood, and they have saved countless lives and have always been there to help when Pakistani’s faced any misery. Their mission is “to alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerables by mobilising the power of humanity.”

Sohaib Ali Khan aforementioned that being a part of PRCS is an honour and the feeling is unmatchable as this is something he’s gonna do for someone other than himself, which as human being is a reward.

‘He who saved one life – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely’ (Al-Quran)Let’s all pray that Allah blesses us with the ability to save human lives. May we all come together, join hands and donate 100% blood and save the lives of others..

The Pakistan Red Crescent Society is a Humanitarian Organization working to uplift the lives of the vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of Humanity.