Sikh Youth Presents Nashe|Nirmal Sidhu


Nashe is a new track presented by “Sikh Youth UK” inspired by real life events occurring in Panjab and UK on a major scale which was released on the 15th September 2016. Nashe is sung by the critically acclaimed powerhouse “Nirmal Sidhu”, written by the talented “Sekhon Jandwala & music by Navi Singh.

The track is highlighting the social issues occurring in Panjab and UK on a daily basis, Sikh Youth have helped hundreds of individuals all over the country which was noticed by Nirmal Sidhu who then decided to collaborate with the team to take the awareness on a global front.

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The video is set in Panjab and the UK shot uniquely from Robin Sidhu (Deistic Films) & Deep R Dee’s own Perspective having witnessed these events first hand. Nashe is a hard hitting song to create awareness of these taboo subjects and for everyone to help clamp down on drugs. Please help share and support Sikh Youth UK by spreading awareness of this project.

Sikh youth UK and Nirmal Sidhu worked hard to get the right message across in this song and video. A lot of time and effort has gone into producing this song. The song portrays story lines and different scenarios of the effects of alcohol and drug abuse in the panjabi Sikh community, the drugs epidemic in panjab, along with how sexual grooming has had a massive effect on Sikh girls, taking them away from there faith and families. #SikhiSavesLives #SikhYouthUk #NirmalSidhu #Nashe

Nashe: The Official Video- Nirmal Sidhu