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Born and raised in urban East London it is from here he his leading the way of British rap. From the same streets as Kano and Lethal B, Shizzio has been rapping for numerous years, perfecting his lyrical capability and effortless spot on timing.
Shizzio was first heard rapping in numerous east-end clubs and had regularly underground radio slots as an MC part of the No Fear Crew outfit. Since then Shizzio has teamed up with a critically acclaimed producer Mavrik who has worked with on an array of artists from the UK and America.
It is this unstoppable tag team that has led them to close all medium doors solely due to the creation and perfection of various Shizzio projects including his debut mixtape album 1st things 1st.
The mixtape is out now and features the single ‘Arabian Dance’ (Winner of best video on Channel U) as well as the future single ‘Believe’ feat Jookey Mundo, Jammer and the grime king himself, Wiley. The mixtape also features the likes of Aurelius from the talented Lotek – Hi Fi , T Pain and Cassie to name but a few, his mix of Cassie's smash hit Me & U was even voted on Kiss 100 to be better than P. Diddy's version! Ryan Leslie himself from Bad boy also heard the remix and met up with Shizzio personally to discuss various potential projects.
Shizzio has single handed broken racial boundaries by working with highly respected people within the rap game. From Tim Westwood, Kat man, Wiley, Trevor Nelson and Lethal B to name a few Shizzio is proving that an Asian rapper can be accepted not just in Asian medium but in the rap game as a whole….
Shizzio combines UK urban rap with elements of his Asian heritage thus bringing a uniqueness of lyrical content and narrative structure to his music., thus so his music appeals to both Asians and non alike as he delivers the best aspects from both musical genres.
The part time model that is Shizzio is ready to begin his journey and he shall accept no prisoners. In a short space of time the multi talented rising star Shizzio has already featured in a Bollywood Brit movie – Scotland Express (to be released later this year), been approved by DJ Bobby Friction (BBC Asian Network) as a "future friction" and has also been made the "Artist of the Month" by the J4Jumpy crew.
He is the the first Asian artist ever to win best video on Channel U, and is single handedly proving that colour is not relevant in today’s urban world. His debut album already features Lethal Bizzle, who is quoted as saying "The best Asian rapper I have ever heard!
There is definite room for him in the game". Shizzio was recently given the title of 'Number 1 artist to watch out for in 2007' live on air by Choice FM!!!