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Sex And The City 2 - The Review

Sex And The City 2 – The Review

 Sex And The City 2 - The Review

Sex And The City is a big deal to women around the world. Nearly everyone who owns a TV or an Internet connection knows all about the Sex And The City franchise, or at the very least, they know that the TV series features four women living the New York dream, trying to balance a love of shoes and fashion with their love of men.


People either loved it, or hated it. But they couldn't deny that there was something almost mesmerising about the show that trapped them. No one could look away.


Enter the inevitable film spin-offs. The first film was pretty average, though the characters didn't ever evolve, becoming mere caricatures of themselves. However, there were genuine moments that would bring a smile to your face and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy even after the film had ended.


In the second film though, there's nothing that can save the girl's adventure from feeling bland and extremely far-fetched. But I guess the movie would have us believe that none of these shortcomings matter as long as the film looks fabulous.


Too bad it doesn't.


Sure, everything looks rosy at first; Carrie and Big are married, Charlotte and Miranda are both mothers and Samantha's pretty much the same as ever. In fact, Carrie's biggest problem is that her husband wants to sit on the couch and watch TV.


Now excuse me for a second if I don't see this like the end of the world. I get the feeling that the audience were meant to sympathise with Carrie and feel her pain but I was pretty much on Big's side. Since when has there been anything wrong with wanting to cuddle on the couch while watching old movies together?


Cue the trip to Abu Dhabi which is pretty much an excuse to try and distract the audience from the failings of the plot by showing them pretty rubies adorning cascading chandeliers as well as the sumptuously decorated rooms the girls are shown to upon their arrival.


Your mileage may vary on whether you think the film is racist or not; the girls trade remarks about Muslim women and their manner of dress. Samantha consistently disrespects the sensibilities of the culture though some would argue that it wouldn't be true to the character if she wasn't inappropriate in some way or another.


Whatever the case, the eye-candy was probably there to try and distract everyone from the weak script and the awful puns.


There is none of the genuinely witty writing that was present in the TV show and to a lesser extent, the first film. Instead, we find ourselves blasted with corny innuendos and incredibly cheesy pick up lines.



Half of the time I found myself staring at the screen in bewilderment. Are some of those lines meant to be seductive? Because you might as well have slapped me in the face with a fish. The experience would have been exactly the same.


I cannot see how this film ever managed to get a single good review amongst fans and critics alike.

There's nothing truly engaging about the film but there's die-hard fans out there who'll probably rabidly love it and absorb all of the movie's “lessons” into their own psyche. That's a frightening thought. Keep in mind that the film would have the audience believe that life isn't worth living without glamour and riches galore, and would have us believe that the modern day lady is all about shoes, dresses and keeping a man trapped in your net.


Bottom Line: This chick flick is downright awful. Showy, flashy, and not a lot of substance. You'd be better off curling up on the couch with ice-cream and a bottle of wine with the TV Show on DVD Box-set than sitting through this garbage.Sex And The City 2 - The Review