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Moviebox are proud to announce that we have completed a deal with Mr. Harjit Samra to acquire the entire assets of Serious Records.


Originally developed by Mr. Harjit Samra & Jeeti from 2005 to 2010 the catalogue includes hit albums like "Ne Baliyeh", "Gettin' Serious", "Mehfil", "Serious Duets" & "Chalakiyan" the solo album by Lehmber Hussainpuri, which was their biggest hit to date. The catalogue features many dance floor hits which are highly rotated throughout all private & commercial events in the UK even at present. With tracks like "Chalakiyan-Boliyan", "Mera Mahi Tu Pateya", "Mehfil", "Tokh Tokh Ke", "Melne" & "Ne Baliyeh" to mention a few, Serious Records have definitely made their mark on the UK Asian music industry.


Along with the acquisition of Serious Records, MOVIEBOX have also acquired the brand new untitled Lehmber Hussainpuri & Daljit Mattu albums. These 2 brand new albums feature the music production talents of Jeeti, Kam Frantic, Panjabi By Nature, Jags Klimax, Sukhi Chand & Jassi Bros. The videos for these 2 brand new albums are scheduled to be shot in June and the albums are scheduled to be released in July later this year.


Moviebox is continuing on its path of growing from strength to strength despite difficult times in the music industry. Our belief in the importance of artist and catalogue development, tied to a commitment to quality demonstrates our passion for the Bhangra Music Industry. After acquiring Kamlee Records, Kismet Records & most recently Multitone Records & Genie Records we believe the acquisition of Serious Records is another great achievement at this present time where the industry stands.


We will continue on our path to bring you quality BHANGRA music from the PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE…


MOVIEBOX acquires the brand new EP – JUKEBOX by JEETI


MOVIEBOX has signed a deal with JEETI PRODUCTIONS for the latest instalment from JEETI entitled JUKEBOX. JEETI has been working hard away on his brand new forthcoming EP which features the highly anticipated follow up to the "Chalakiyan-Boliyan" by Lehmber Hussainpuri. The EP also features the recently launched single by the amazing Angrej Ali entitled "Ban Ke Sahiban" amongst other great tracks by vocalists such as Preet Harpal, Ravi Duggal & Savar.



Jeeti has mastered the art of creating dance floor hits in recent years and his production has been stronger on each new album. Jeeti is definitely in the elite league of UK music producers and will demonstrate his skills and ability in the forthcoming EP and the many projects which he has planned to release in the coming year.


Kind Regards
Kamraan Ahmed