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SEMinar© Da Asian Rapper

WHEN YOU listen to SEMinars© lyrics in each of his tracks you will realise this guy is not like any typical Asian emcee, firstly because he IS NOT AN EMCEE, HE IS A RAPPER, and secondly he tells stories in his tracks, whether they be real events in his life or whether they be him just role playing, he adds humour in his tracks whatever the subject but that does not lessen the effect his serious tracks have.

FROM HIS track ‘this girl that girl’ in the SEMinar© audio section where he raps humorous, too ‘what did I do’ where he raps about the industry, you can tell this kid has got what it takes to go that mile extra.

LYRICALLY THIS guy has a strong head on his shoulders, and a good mind in that head, he has still got plenty to learn but what he has learnt now and what he possesses now can and will or even should take him far but still he remains UNSIGNED whilst the weaker emcees and rappers in the Asian market are getting the limelight which he deserves.

22YEAR OLD SEMinar© from Slough always had music in his veins from a young age but only just started rapping in 2003 despite listening to rap and hip hop music when he was young, he was always fond of writing songs and poems when he was younger but he decided to give the rapping a go as he would watch Asian channels and see the same old Asian emcees and rappers spitting the same lyrics and thought that it can’t be that hard to write better lyrics and be more creative.

GRADUALLY YET passionately rapping started to mean more and more to SEMinar© as he would constantly be sitting in his room listening to other Asian emcees and rappers and USA artists and imitate them and then make his own flow to their beat, and this became good practice for him.

HE THEN started to record some of his own music and started making his own beats and then began sending it to his friends and other people who all came back with positive feedback and then he decided to send the demo’s of to top Asian record companies who all stated that they were looking for new and individual talent.

ONCE SEMinar© sent his demo’s off, none of the record labels came back to him at first which really disheartened him, but then a few record labels came back to him, and to SEMinars© surprise the majority of the labels feedback was shocking.

‘I REMEMBER when I got the emails from different records labels I sent my music too, and I remember the excuse or reason they gave’ says SEMinar© ‘one said that they do not wish to sign me because my lyrics were too funny, and the other said I was too different, whilst another company said they liked my style and voice but wanted me to speak less English in my tracks and basically become a typical Asian emcee and chat nonsense! I mean, I thought they wanted something different!?’

DESPITE THIS severely knocking him back and even making him reconsider that he should change his style and take there advice, he didn’t, and carried on and towards the end of 2004 he finally got a little glimmer of hope when two well known Asian emcees listened to his music and showed interest.
‘That really gave me hope, thinking I’m doing something right when they contacted me, and then they asked for more demo’s and tracks and contacted me saying they liked it, and they would get back to me when they complete their album, but they never did’.

THIS WAS when SEMinar© realised that the Asian music industry is corrupt and you aint going to get anywhere unless you have the contacts or your related to the people, so he began to try and make his own way into the game.
He would spend most of his time in the studio in 2005 writing and recording his songs and collecting them and started to compile a mixtape so he could get his music heard and started contacting radio stations and famous asian celebrities to get known who all wanted a copy of the mixtape, and whilst he did this, he would still see the same old Asian emcees, and even new ones, with no talent, emceeing the same, same flow, and still getting recognition.

‘I MEAN the Asian scene has changed so much, but still we have too many typical asian emcees in the industry who are spittin like they from the 80’s, they have no creativity or skill, all they do is nursery rhymes and it really does tick me off, especially when u have talented people like RAXSTAR who are struggling to get in the industry, when clearly people like him have way more talent and skill then the fools you see on TV.
There are only a few people I would rate truthfully, they are HMC, Sarpanch, Raxstar, Menis aka Road Runner, Drilla, Mc Special and maybe two or three more but that’s it’.

AT THE moment he has had his song ‘Drama Queen’ played on the popular Slough and Berkshire radio station STAR FM on Saturday and Sunday nights on the show hosted by Ali Meer, and it receives on average over twenty requests but can only be played once.
Also recently on SABRAS radio AND PANJABI HIT SQUAD SHOW on Thursday.

WATCH OUT for SEMinar© appearing on Boi Wonda’s© album on Jind Records© and also on Mr 420 album on XXL Records coming soon.