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Seeto Marjaani (Full Movie) ਸੀਤੋ ਮਰਜਾਨੀ || Dhriti Goenka, Nirmal Rishi Pankaj Berry, Gaurav Rana

Seeto Marjaani (Full Movie) ਸੀਤੋ ਮਰਜਾਨੀ || Dhriti Goenka, Pankaj Berry, Gaurav Rana || Punjabi movie

The much-awaited feature film ‘#SeetoMarjaani’, based on #DrCharandasSidhu’s play ‘#BingadDiVauhti’.

Seeto Marjaani tells the story of a young woman named Seeto who was married to an elderly man and how her dreams and goals were shattered in a flash. The story illustrates how men still have prejudices against women expressing their opinions and views in public, and how they are suppressed by a male-dominated society.

Seeto will be played by Driti Goenka whereas, Pankaj Berry will be seen as her husband. Apart from them, the film also includes stellar actors like Nirmal Rishi, Navdeep, Gurinder Makna, and Aarzoo in key roles.

A Film By Gaurav Rana
Produced By PTC Motion Pictures
Cast : Nirmal Rishi , Pankaj Berry , Dhriti Goenka, Navdeep Bajwa, Gurinder Makna , Aarzoo

Creative And Project Head – Mukesh Gautam
Executive Producer – Ranacos Entertainment
Associate Director – Pallavi Rana / Pawan Kumar
Written By – Amar Choudhary
DOP – Lucky Yadav
Edited By – Gaurav Rana
Production Designer – Pallavi Rana
Background Score – Nirmal Pandya
Music/lyrics – Hakeem

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