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Asian Network Closure is

Seeta Indrani And Kulvinder Ghir Join the cast of Silver Street…

Kulvinder plays self-made millionaire Bobby in the soap, which can be heard on Asian Network weekdays at 1.30pm, while Seeta plays his sexy wife Pamela. 
Their characters are central to a plotline about the reunion of an iconic Bhangra band. The storyline spans five episodes and sees music producer, Kuljit Singh, who runs the new Silver Street Studio, being approached to track down the former members of a hugely successful 1980s Bhangra band for one last recording session. 
Getting the band together proves to be a challenging task as Kuljit uncovers a tale of seduction and betrayal, which explains why the band members brought their successful music careers to a premature end.
Things seem to be getting better until the foxy Pamela makes an unexpected appearance. Does she have anything to do with the band splitting up and is this the end of the reunion … ? 
A special feature of the storyline is that the legendary group 'Achanak' have recorded four new tracks, exclusively penned for Silver Street. The songs bring a touch of nostalgia and add an authentic twist to the bhangra plot line and will be played exclusively on the Asian Network in the run-up to the reunion episodes going on air.   

Tune in to hear Kulvinder and Seeta make their character debuts on Monday 22 September and Wednesday 24 September respectively.



  • Silver Street’ can be heard weekly on the BBC Asian Network Monday to Friday at 1.30pm, or catch up with the omnibus on Sundays at 4.30pm.
  •  Seeta Indrani joins the BBC series ‘Doctors’ as new arrival Dr Lily Hassan.
  • Dr Hassan is a Forensic Archaeologist, police surgeon and GP. The series is shooting now and will be on our screens from late October. 
  • Kulvinder Ghir has recently finished filming psychological thriller '31 North 62 East' in which he plays Tariq Malim. The star-studded film is expected to release early next year. Other recent films include ‘A Distant Mirage’ and ‘Ealing Comedy’.


  • Behind the scenes pictures of the iconic bhangra group ‘Achanak’, performing the four new tracks created especially for the Silver Street storyline, are available upon request.  


  • Achanak are working on a new album, expected to be released next year, which may feature the Silver Street tracks.