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Sahi Bol - The Urban Transmission CD

Sahi Bol – The Urban Transmission – Various

Sonic nativity with global taste. Into the millenia, with musicians fast emerging from Delhi, there's no telling where music is headed. The sound of nativity, born within home studios, crafted with groove and melody, charged with the force of contemporary fusion, of new style and new forms, meshed with electronic instruments and virtual devices and the "rock" attitude, laced with Sufi, Rap, Folk, Experimental and Raga.

Coexisting inside this mega matrix of diversity, attuned to global vibrations and cutting across the genre is the collective conscience of a set of musicians. We are making music just the way we want to. The objective behind Sahi Bol is to introduce a vivid collage of music and musicians, diverse and progressive… a supernova of urban music!

Attuned to the varied listening tastes of Delhi, these emerging styles of music with a positive
mindset make the compilation unique and eclectic – a double CD set which reflects two very
distinct characteristics of New Delhi. The first set emits an ethereal yet simplistic sense.
The meloncholic & surreal sound of music, with songs that sing about tales of bitter-sweet
emotions. High in contrast is the 2nd set with a suave temper, racing through folk, electronic, rock and pop songs, waving out a hand to the dance-floor mindset. 17 songs of vivid contrast, set within a compilation to mark the celebration of diversity of urban music. All

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Written, recorded and produced in New Delhi. A Capital trip !

Produced by SamratB.

Compiled at Kshitij Studios

Operations and Business Head: Aakash Gupta

Logo & Graphic Design: ROHON BHUYAN Photographer: NAVEEN DUBE