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Sabir Mirza Returns…



International singer-songwriter Sabir Mirza is back with a stunning Punjabi ballad called ‘Ik Yaad Teri‘ with music produced by the incredible Hunterz. Sabir has the ability to sing across various Asian styles and genres including Ghazal, Kashmiri, Potowari Folk, Bhangra, Qawali and more!

Sabir is a veteran of the Asian music industry. His journey dates back as far as 1981 when won his first Asian music award which was organised by OSA (Oriental Star Agencies) in Birmingham.

In 1983, Sabir recorded his first album with the legendary tabla player Abdul Satar Tari Khan who regularly performed with Ustad Ghulam Ali. Since then, Sabir has continued to work with other legends and has eight albums to his credit.

Sabir is also presented as an ambassador of South Asian music when he performs to international audiences. He has represented Asian music genres across Europe, USA & Canada, Pakistan and the UAE. He is also a popular performer on Asian TV channels and radio stations globally.



The list of people that Sabir has performed with reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of South Asian artists. Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Hans Raj Hans, Atta Farid Qawal, Tafu Brothers, Irene Parveen, Rajab Ali, Shaukat Ali, Reshma, Naseebo Lal, Mehnaz, Asad and Hamad Amanat Ali Khan, Ghulam Abbas and Dilshad Hussein amongst many others. The list of Bhangra bands and Western bands is just as impressive.